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Are these linked?

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Hello all, Lately I have been reading lot of vedanta books. Maybe getting bit confused.

Can I say

Advaita Vedānta is linked to Shaivism (followed by Shaivites);
Vishishtadvaita is linked to Vaishanvisim;
Dvaita - who?;
Dvaitādvaita - who?;
Shuddhādvaita - who?;

please clarify.
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Advaitha and Shaiva are not exactly the same.
Dvaita - is madhavas, followers of Madhvacharya
Dvaitādvaita - Founded by Nimbarka hailing from modern Andra pradesh. Followers mostly in North India
Suddhadvaita - Founded by Vallabhacharya. Followers are in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

wikipedia has more details if you like. Good luck with your quest.
All are The Branches of Hinduism in General.

In fact No Shiva and Vaishnava all are Hinduism in General.

The Only pride of Hinduism is That ," No Religion in This World has united after a Split " except Hinduism.
many Gods

Sanatana Dharma -(Not Hinduism). is purely an individual religion. It is not a group religion, it is not a social religion. The strict practitioners may not even live among human society.

You acquire knowledge about your likes and dislikes and choose the philosophy you like. No two individual is going to choose exactly the same path.

Over a period of time a number of things have been said or written purporting to be by God or from God. I do not believe in all such sayings. It is like supermarket, choose what you like and leave the rest.

You also must find for yourself your personal definition of GOD.
I follow Advata Philosophy, and my God is some of all energy. To me energy is neither shaivite or Vaishnavite, nor is it inanimate or animate, you can not ascribe any form, structure, or definition.
I live by my principles within the principles of community, state, and universe.

I beleive in Kerma theory, and reincarnation. I do pray, but only to give me more knowledge. I do not believe that my prayers are heard. If I deserve I will get it, I keep striving for it.
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