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It is said that performing archanai with vilva leaves brings prosperty. Can any one elaborate ?

If you read the puranas and the vratakalpa manjari, ever so many vratams, poojais and archanais, naivedyams, etc., are detailed and specific results "palan" for each is also given. These were texts written for a population which lacked the general scientific awareness that even the poorest hindu (dalit class) old, illiterate woman or man has today; those populations were utterly gullible on the one hand and modern (western) science had not permeated our society as much it does today. Hence all the stories of archanais/naivedyams/abhishekams and particular 'results' have to be taken with a pinch of salt.

Having said that the most common slokam regarding vilvam is :—

त्रिदळम् त्रिगुणाकारं त्रिनॆत्रं च त्रयायुधम् ।
त्रिजन्म पाप संहारं एकबिल्वं शिवार्पणम् ॥

த்ரிதளம் த்ரிகுணாகாரம் த்ரிநேத்ரம் ச த்ரயாயுதம் |
த்ரிஜந்ம பாப ஸம்ஹாரம் ஏகபில்வம் சிவார்பபணம் ||

It only states the one bilva leaf (consisting of three petals) if offered to Lord Siva, will destroy all the sins committed by the offerer during the just preceding three births/lives; there is no mention of prosperity. Secondly, bilva leaf is usually not used in temples other than those for Siva, though I have heard of some exceptions also.
bilva patram is used for archana of sri chakrapani temple in kumbakonam since it is bhaskara shetram (worshiped by sun) and akni worshiped perumal with bilvam.(one of five archana vasthu )
Yes I agree with you, since I belong to that area. The Bilva leaf or Patra represents
the Trinetra of three eyes of Lord Shiva. In the Pushpanjali Pooja festival, Bilva Patra
is used in Tirupathi to Lord Venkatesa and it is also used in Archana to Goddess Mahalakshmi.
In Kovur near Kuntrathur, Sekkizhar Padal petra sthalam, there a Bilva Patra has twelve leaves,
which is something amazing to see.

Great information. It is so refreshing to see positive information, without the usual chatter of put downs.
Dear all

The tree bhilva is the residing abode of devi Mahalakshmi "Bhaskarim bilvanilayaam". So bhilva leaves is applicable to both gods. The speciality of bilva is it can be used so many times and it does not had nirmalya dosha like other flowers. The bilva leaves once offered can be washed and again can be used (only under conditions of unavailability of anyother flowers).

Doing archana with vilva pathra brings wealth. Performing the same to "runa vimochana lingam" on every mondays or full-moon and new-moon days destroys all the loans and stabilise your economy. (Runa vimochana lingam is there only in thiruvarur temple, thirunallur perumanam (Achalpuram) and one more temple (I forget actually).

Performing bilvarchana to goddess mahalakshmi brings prosperity to your home. In Mylapore, every friday, Bilavrchana is performed to "Mayooravalli thayar" (near chithiraikulam). If you perform that continously for 6 weeks, your Manopeeshtam will be fulfilled.

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