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Some scintillating aphorisms

deserve before you desire

delve deep before you deal

never test the depth of water with both feet

the most wasted day of all is one in which we have not laughed

do not aspire to become irreplaceable, if yo can’t be replaced , then you cannot be prompted

never forget that you are unique like every one else

if you tell the truth you do not have to remember anything

good judgement come from experience. Experience come from bad judgement.

Never miss a good chance to shut up

experience is something you do not get until just after you need it.

Pessimism is man’s deadly enemy

robust optimism is death defying

laziness is worse than alcoholism

success comes to those who dare and act

no risks taken- no success achieved

remember there is no such thing as free lunch

to get diamond start with carbon

inspiration minus perspiration is hollow

if you achieve self knowledge the world is at your feet

imagination minus common sense is delusion
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