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Any possibility of seeing the 64th Nayanmar and/or 13th Alwar

We read the grantha s on the miracles performed by the nayanmars/alwars... Also study, read the various prabanthams, thevarams etc., left behind by them.

In the 21st century, with the kind of questions children ask, is there any possibility of ONE new nayanmar or alwar performing a miracle that can be witnessed....

With the dwindling compliance to the nithya, naimithya karmas, and less, less reading on the legacy left behind by the alwars & nayanmars, it is challenging even to sustain the practical, implementable karmas.

Also with no immediate benefits/qualities apparent that can distinguish one who complies and one who does not, since there is a bearing on the karma phala, it is difficult to say in the coming days, if there would be compliance to the karmas as laid down in the vedasastras.

IF there can be one new nayanmar/alwar - then the followers will improve and compliance levels to the karmas will also drastically improve.

Is this possible in the kali yuga? And does that mean days of Ramanuja was before Kali yuga?

Hope... remains to see and experience such good souls...



I could think of Mahaperiyava of Kanchi Mutt, the two previous Mahasannidhams of Sringeri and few more other saints in the past as the most fascinating souls. I wish there will be people like them in recent times.

The wealth of knowledge and informations given to us by saints, mahans of yore, our scriptures will be the best succour in this kali yuga.


New member
Good to be in the company of realized souls.

But why do we seek miracles?

Why do we seek a shortcut, when the rest of the world struggles through life?