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Any Musicians Here?

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Started a thread for members to share musical inclinations, achievements or interests - what instruments you play, what music you like to sing or play, who your favourite artists are, who your inspirations are.

I play the guitar, I am very much a beginner. I was inspired last year by Guitar Prasanna and took up the guitar, learnt from sundry Youtube videos, the Karnatik.com website, the rasikas.org website and others, to play Carnatic music on the guitar. I can play several ragas now, and indeed some kritis, having trained myself for the past year. Most of the ragas I can play are melakartas (in the Sampoorna mela system).

Words cannot describe how much I like Carnatic music. For the past three years I have gone on an amazing intellectual journey with Carnatic music. I remember my inspirations for learning music lay in a couple of Maharajapuram Santhanam tapes around 4 years back in 2004 when my nightly walks were punctuated by his Simhendramadhyamam aalapanas and his Hindolam renditions. I will never forget that beautiful time of my life, especially since it led to the very redefinition of my character, through association with good music.

Some of the great benefits I have experienced by learning how to play music, in the last one year are improved concentration and attention, an ability to relax at will, generally improved responses and many, many hours of musical pleasure. Music is fast growing into my biggest hobby these days. My other hobby being aviation, I feel like a teenager wide-eyed about airplanes again, except this time, it is the raga system and the musical forms and moods that it creates. I have won back some devotion and belief from music, as also some poetry lost over the years poring over the details of engineering projects and what not.

Music is such a refreshing hobby for me. Do share your experiences and your achievements in music, as rasikas and as people who sing or play instruments.
i learnt mridangam for 6 years...although not ina stretch. iam passionate about percussion...also i like to sing vocal...though iam not good at it.
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