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Anti-Brahminism by Yahoo-India : PLEASE PROTEST

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I would like to bring to your attention that Yahoo India has stooped to terribly cheap levels. They have introduced a new emoticon on their website that is a cheap drawing of a Brahmin priest (mockingly drawn).

Here is the link:

All members are requested to send emails to Yahoo
Executives in protest. A sample is given herein. The
idea is to time the mails so as to fall within a span
of 24 hours.

Emails to be sent between 8th Sep (0500 GMT) and 9th
Sep (0500 GMT)

Emails to be sent to:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Subject Line : Racial mockery by Yahoo-India

Dear Sir,

Please, refer to your webpage mentioned below.


The sixth picture is a plain ridicule of the Hindu Brahmin community of
southern india. It is nauseating to think that a
global giant like Yahoo could stoop so low as to make
cheap fun of a community in the course of its
commercial activity. It offends my sensibilities and
honour. I understand that many citizens wrote to your
company to remove the picture of ridicule; but to no

I seek your immediate attention in the matter and
action on priority. In the absence of a rectification
from your end, I will be constrained to initiate
protests in my own way.

1. I will wind up all my Yahoo usage in the Internet.

2. I will extensively campaign against Yahoo,
highlighting the breach of value system.

3. I will actively promote rival coroporations who are
sensitive to the people's feelings.

4. I will join like-minded persons and lauch a media
campaign against racism.

5. I will initiate legal proceedings against your
company for violating the fundamental rights
guaranteed by the Indian Republic.

I hope that you will not create a situation for me to
take these five steps for saving the honour of the
brahmin community from ridicule by your corporation.

Dear Friends,

Our protest appears to have worked. Yahoo has replaced the infamous brahmin audible with a picture of an ordinary looking man.

A surpise that civilized form of protests still work in India.

Thanks to all who participated in the protest.

Dear Bhahusruth:

Maybe so. However, every time I boot up my laptop, the Yahoo Messenger automatically comes on. When I send IMs, it is still there under "aatejate" (the sixth one) audible.
Maybe it hasn' been populated to all the servers! I live in US.
Last edited:
Dear Silver,

Thanks for the quick response.

Perhaps, it is picking the old picture from the saved file of your IM account.
Let me wait for some more days and see whether I get to see it again when I use IM.
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