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[Request] ANNAPRASHANA - அன்னபிரஷனம் - Kerala - Guidance Please 🙏🙏🙏


Active member
Hare Krsna 🙏 !!!
Acharyan Thiruvadi Saranam 🙏.

Humbly request guidance (or) contact person for ANNAPRASHANA - அன்னபிரஷனம் - Kerala - Please.

We wanna perform the above for my niece and would like to know the following - Please.

1) To be performed after completion of 1 year of age ?
2) Especially to be performed in Guruvayoor Temple ?
3) Possible to perform at Thiruvalla Vallaban Temple - Kerala (Divya Desam) ?
4) What are traditional process (or) methods to be followed ?
5) Others if any.
6) Being first time, any contact person to guide (or) arrange - Please.

I can be reached at 0091 - 7358656828 (WhatsApp).

Haribol !!!
Anna prashanam to be done before 1 year
here some astrologers follow 6, 8 , 10 months of age for boys
and 5,7,9 months for girls
The function can be done at home, temples etc.
consult astrologer, vadhyar for muhurtham.
in temples muhurtha timimg may not be practical.
at least select a good day, star

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