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Annapisekam with siva temples on Aippasi full moon day.

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Annapisekam -It is a abisekam given to lord in the form of boiled rice. Today is Aippasi (tamilmonth) fullmoon day. Hope mostly all traditional siva temples will be having this annapisekam on this full moon day. Let us particpate in this annapisekam of this month by giving rice to nearest siva temples and let the lord give us his eternal blessings to clear our sins.

Dear Sampath Ji

Thanks for remembering this in the right time. Annabhisekam is performed to mostly lord shiva. And preferably in some temples to shri ambal also.

"The whole world is functioning because of the annam and even the panchabuthas are satisfied with this annam; without this annam nothing can be done". Even the great lord in its form filled with bliss is called as "Annapoorani". Aippasi is the month which is coming just before "karthigai" (which is wholly devoted to lord subramanya and during this month, winter season will start slowly). To celebrate this and to give warm welcome to this, the fullmoon of aippasi is celebrated with "POORNA ANNABHISEKAM". It destroys the hunger and the annam is provided as prasadam to all.

Jai shivasankara

Dear Pannvalan Uncle

Nothing like that... In my office, they have barred viewing bolgs and other personal sites. So I have to go cafe and then browse. Even now weekly twice I will be blogging here and at that time almost all the sections I will read. Just my regular visits have been reduced. Regarding temples, I am in local only for past 3 months. Will visit near kumbakonam soon and share many temples here uncle.

Annabishekam was held even during Raja Raja Chola's time to Lord Siva! Annabishekam conducted for Lord Siva at Gangai Konda Cholapuram and at Sri Ratnagiriiswarar Temple at Besant Nagar, Chennai attracts plenty of devotees. Om Namasivaya!
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