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Angioplasty - need suggestion

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My father suffered a heart attack and got angioplasty treatment here in Bangalore. He is taking medicines now.But he is having cough for more than 20 days ( started from 4th day of the treatment). We have contacted the doctor (who performed the treatment) thrice.He has changed medicines, has given roll capsules (that asthma patients use) and suggested to inhale steam.But it hasnt come down much.Doctor is saying it would take time. Do I need to get second opinion from some other hospital? Or should I consult some other specialist in the same hospital?Please advise.

Dear Sri fire

You should take a second opinion from another reputed surgeon and/or hospital.

My prayers for the good health of your father.
Sri Fire,

Am told that medication given post angioplasty (ace inhibitors) sometimes causes cough (hence steam inhalation recommendation perhaps). Ensure the atmosphere is dust free. And yes, second opinion is always better. My prayers for your father's speedy recovery. Kind regards.
I don't believe angioplasty can cause cough. I am not sure if the medication caused it but had to be made sure. The cause of cough has to be firmly determined.

Yes sir. You should get the 2nd opinion from a specialist.
Kadukkai Treatment

The best thing to do while having cough as suggested by my grandma is to chew "Kadukkai" without swallowing it but only its juice. Its one of the most effective ways of controlling coughs but I am not sure if it will have any side effects in your case because of the Angioplasty. I think it shouldn't and is worth the try.

- Aham.

Thanks for your suggestions.Even I read ACE inhibitors has the side effect of dry cough.I would consult the doctor again. Meanwhile I would try to get second opinion from another hospital with the records and the angioplasty CD.
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