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And now Hindus are being projected as terrorists



Was shocked to see this piece of news, faithfully brought in by my feed reader, titled 'Hindu schoolboy turned terrorist planned to kill thousands'

http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/...errorist planned to kill thousands/article.do

Have sent in my protest to them.
My protest:

I would like to bring to your notice your news item labelled 'Hindu schoolboy turned terrorist planned to kill thousands' dated 07-11-06. The headline says 'Hindu schoolboy' whereas the main body of the text says 'In December 1991, aged 20, Barot converted to Islam'. So his planned attack of terror is subsequent to his conversion to Islam. So your headline is misleading , to say the least. It casts a blight on the whole nation of India, which has been the target of Islamic terror for decades (much before Sept 11 attacks on the US).
Your news item portrays the victim of terrorism as a perpetrator of terrorism.

I very strongly protest against this piece of news and hope you will do the needful immediately.


-- Viswanath
The headline is misleading no doubt. Rediff reports the same news time albeit with a better & more clear caption.

The Hindu who embraced radical Islam

India-born Dhiren Barot, who pleaded guilty last month to conspiring to murder people in terrorist attacks by targeting major financial institutions in the US and setting off a 'dirty bomb' in Britain, is likely to be sentenced Tuesday by a British court hearing his case.

Barot was born in Baroda, Gujarat, in December 1971. A year later, his parents, Manu and Bharati Barot, moved to Britain and settled in Kingsbury, a north-west London suburb. After leaving school in 1988, Dhiren obtained a diploma in tourism, which allowed him to work as a ticketing clerk for Air Malta from 1991 to 1995.
When he was 20, he converted to Islam -- which led to a massive row with his father -- and started attending Islamic lectures and meetings, gradually turning more radical. Some reports indicate that this was probably the time he was inducted into the Al Qaeda or one of its affiliate organisations.
Family friends told The Daily Telegraph that Barot's father was a disciplinarian who expected his family to follow traditional Indian values.
In 1995, Dhiren told his employers that he was leaving on a on 'long trip."
According to the Telegraph, 'he flew to Pakistan and then to Kashmir, "witnessing a side of Islam which cannot be found in classrooms". He took extensive notes about the weapons and explosives training he received and on his return used this knowledge to move to Afghanistan where he spent a year working as a trainer in one of the camps for Islamic fighters.'
'It was probably during this time that he met Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks and became involved with al-Qaeda. He had the nicknames Esa al-Britani and Esa al-Hindi. Back in Britain he saw that el-Faisal had black bodyguards with relatives in Montana and travelled to the US to try to recruit them for al-Qaeda,' the Telegraph reportsaid.
'In 1998 he moved to Thailand where he was married, although nothing is known of his wife. The following September he travelled to the Philippines to be trained in firearms, munitions and explosives handling,' the article said.
Some reports said that he was trained at a camp run by the radical Jemaah Islamiyah group.
In 1999, writing under the name Esa Al Hindi, Barot published The Army of Medina in Kashmir. Apart from describing his life as a jihadi, he argued that Muslim countries needed "flank protection" against the West, and urged attacks on the soil of "interfering nations".
According to the evidence presented by the prosecution Monday, Barot planned the terror strikes in New York after intense reconnaissance by him during visits in August 2000 and March 2001.
In early 2004 he went again to Pakistan on a false passport to present the plans to senior al-Qaeda members in Lahore, and returned to Britain in April 2004.
"Working as a ticket clerk was his last substantial job. From then on, no social security benefits were sought or received. The plain inference is that someone or some organisation was supporting him financially," Prosecutor Edmund Lawson told the Woolwich Crown Court, that is trying the case..
But in July 2004, police in Pakistan raided a extremist hideout and discovered evidence of the plot and links to Barot, which were handed over to the British authorities who arrested him from a barber's shop on August 3.
Describing Barot as a "member or close associate of the Al Qaeda," Lawson said "the plan was to carry out massive explosions here and in the US, the principal object being to kill hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent people without warning."
The US targets included the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in Washington DC, the New York Stock Exchange building and the Citigroup headquarters, as well as the Prudential building in Newark, New Jersey, Lawson said.
And in Britain, "There were plans for the detonation of a radiation dispersal device, more commonly known as a dirty bomb, the use of a petrol tanker to cause an explosion, and an attack on London's rail or underground network, including the Heathrow Express, an explosion on a Tube train while in a tunnel under the River Thames," he said.
Barot refuses to meet his father in prison, although he is in touch with his mother and older sister, who works for a law firm in the Midlands. "I had dreams for him. I wanted to buy him a house, I wanted him to get married and have children," the Telegraph quoted his father as telling friends recently. "That won't happen now and I don't think I'll ever see him again."

Thanks for the protest letter Viswanath. We do need to stand up & clear misconceptions.
Now they have changed the headline to: 'British terror plotter to spend at least 40 years in prison'.
They have conveniently removed my protest and also my comment on the news item. So much for British fairplay.


-- Viswanath
PS: The same article is shown with another headline also: '
Al Qaeda Briton planned dirty bomb attacks'

Mission achieved & hence you shouldn't be too bothered about the 'fairplay' of british.

Closer home, even i have experienced IBN (www.ibnlive.com) blacking out some of my comments (written in serene language) especially when i have hit out against the Left. Dunno why.

Thru this post, i would strongly urge all the senior members of our forum to frequent ibnlive.com & register our comments/views/protests etc.. on issues of community & national importance. I visit it quite often (almost 5 times a day) because the comments hold a spotless mirror about the divergent views in our country.
Thru this post, i would strongly urge all the senior members of our forum to frequent ibnlive.com & register our comments/views/protests etc.. on issues of community & national importance. I visit it quite often (almost 5 times a day) because the comments hold a spotless mirror about the divergent views in our country.

I have been posting comments on the IBN for some months now. Please remember that they are quite pro-christian. Their topics almost always center on the most exotic news from hindu society. They don't mind pitching the muslims against hindus, but will refrain from posting anything overtly negative about christianty. I have pointed this out several times in a very civil tone - that they delibrately highlight and sensationalize issues such as dowry, sati, women's status, caste issues, non-entry of women into certain temples, etc., that show hinduism in bad light, but will never write similar issues confronting the christian society. But, they have never published any of my comments, possibly because my comments hit closer to home.

They are also blatantly anti-BJP and pro-congress, specifically pro-sonia. Again, on numerous occassions, I have commented on their attacks on BJP, RSS, etc, and their tendency to never print anything that might show SG or her family in bad light negative. They will filter out strong anti-sonia messages, except for one or two very mild one (just to show that they are not biased), and print more letters that support or praise her.

If one were to observe this website at length, their game becomes quite apparent, and one realizes that their jounalism often takes the direction of a sleazy tabloid that constantly takes cheap shots at hindus.

Still, there's no reason to not keep trying, and although nowadays I mostly target bigger newspapers and news media, I do occassionally put in my comments in the IBN forum. We need to keep fighting for our rights, at various levels.

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