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Ancient tamil and vedic marriage

Ancient tamil marriages described in Kurunthogai (1st century BC) talk of two adult individuals in love with each other, irrespective of their father, mother or even them not knowing each other. They were not dependent on families knowing each other, nor dependent on caste, wealth of people or other affinities.

There were eight types of ancient vedic marriages

Brahma-deya marriage - In which groom's family approaches a bride
daiva marriage - in which a bride's family approaches a groom
Prajapatya marriage - in which a person marries only for the begetting offsprings (second/third marriages)
arsa marriage - in which a bride marries a very old person
gandharva marriage - in which a bride and groom love each other and marry without the families
raksasa marriage - in which a powerful one overpowers the other side and takes away a bride and marries her.
paisaca marriage - in which a person rapes a girl and marriage happens against the original intention of bride or her family.

But in all these marriages saptapadi is said to solemnize the marriage. Marriage means saptapadi or taking seven steps around the fire and a vow with it.

Marriages may happen by love or wish of families or forced situation or even for monetary gain. But 'marriage' meant the two individuals take seven vows around the fire wholeheartedly. If saptapadi does not happen or bride or groom does not agree to saptapadi then there is no marriage possible.

What are seven vows, is described in this video..


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