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Ancient Hindu Prophecies - Golden Age to begin in 2012

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Life is a dream
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purely a general knowledge question only.

one of my hobbies is to read up on various paranormal books and sites. So while reading something about nostradamus, i was curious to find out if such prophecies existed in India. Though i am aware of Kali Yuga and other general "predictions" i wanted to find out something specific. I.e. such and such event will happen in xxxx days or in this period etc...

Since i was on the road last few days, i had a bit of time to search for if there were any ancient hindu prophecies. The first link that i came across is from about.com and it listed the below copy/pasted article.

Likewise are there any other such prophecies?

In the “Brahma-Vaivarta Purana”, Lord Krishna tells Ganga Devi that a Golden Age will come in the Kali Yuga - one of the four stages of development that the world goes through as part of the cycle of eras, as described in Hindu scriptures. Lord Krishna predicted that this Golden Age will start 5,000 years after the beginning of the Kali Yuga, and will last for 10,000 years. Mayan Calendar Matches Hindu Calendar
It is interesting that this prediction of the emergence of a new world is prophesied to appear about the same time that the Mayans predicted it to come! The Mayan calendar began with the Fifth Great Cycle in 3114 BC and will end on 21 December 2012 AD. The Hindu Kali Yuga calendar began on 18 February 3102 B.C. There is only a difference of 12 years between the Hindu's beginning of the Kali Yuga and the Mayan's beginning of the Fifth Great Cycle.

Golden Age Could Begin in 2012
The ancient Hindus mainly used lunar calendars but also used solar calendars. If an average lunar year equals 354.36 days, then this would be about 5270 lunar years from the time when the Kali Yuga started until 21 Dec 2012. This is the same year that the Mayans predict rebirth of our planet. It is also about 5113 solar years of 365.24 days per year, and is day number 1,867,817 into the Kali Yuga. By either solar or lunar years, we are over 5,000 years into the Kali Yuga and it is time for Lord Krishna's prophecy to happen according to the ancient Hindu scriptures. Lord Krishna's Golden Age could easily begin in 2012!

Mayan Prophecy Matches Hindu Prophecy
It is amazing that both calendars began at about the same time over 5,000 years ago and both calendars predict a totally new world and/or golden age after about 5,000 years into their calendars! We are definitely on to something with these Mayan and Hindu 2012 predictions. Historically, this is an amazing fact since these two ancient cultures did not have any contact.
article source: hinduism.about.com/od/basics/a/goldenage.htm
praveen,>>....two ancient cultures did not have any contact.....<<

i think only sanathana dharma existed and its possible for messenger to travel and incoroporate with modifications in their rural life.lunar calendar solar calendar luni-solar calendar,are definitely accurate to some extent.dec 21,2011 to dec 21,2012 is beginning of an alignment of planets which is supposed to be rare.dec 21,2011 = jan 01,2012 and caliberated to get the astronomicallly correct calendar ....
ஐயாவுக்கு நல்ல காலம் வருது (குடு குடுப்பை சத்தம் ) :)
By god, I sincerely hope to be alive in 2012. I could use some of the gold!

At least it would be good to have some exciting things happening: more than Kim-Jong Il dying or Jayalalitha booting Sasikala.
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