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An imagination...

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Just imagine a scenario where:

=> All humans have become immortal (assuming that scientists come up with an elixir of immortality), with eternal youthfulness

=> No one needs to do anything for sustenance (no food needed)

=> No need to reproduce

=> All sorts of discrimination, are dissolved, and people look at each other with equanimity

=> No one does anything that harms, pains or displeasures the other

=> Everyone have a calm composure, are like minded

=> There is uniformity, peace and harmony all around

=> All humans are the same (all men look alike and so do women... a further exaggaration would be that all men and women look alike)

=> Everyone shares the same knowledge

Do we become brahman then?

Will we be happy? Will we experience beauty of things? How would then be everything be defined?

For now, as long as there exists contradictions, we are able to experience the goodness of the other.

What kind of a life would that be? What would we experience then? - pointlessness and boredom? (Maybe the adam and eve scenario?)

That which are atributes and parts of matter will be in the process of creation and destruction.

That which is seen as matter is sustained by that which is unseen and permanent called anti-matter to physicists or prakriti to yogis.

To a yogi, a purusha is one that connects with prakriti.

Prakriti is unseen and experienced. And since the experience is a reality, prakriti is an existing entity.

That which alone remains and is permanent, irrespective of creation and destruction, is brahman.

The one who has realized the brahman in the state of samadhi (no breath, no pulse, techincally dead, and given the title of a pramahansa at this stage) with experience remaining in the 'cave of brahman' between the pineal and pitutary glands - is a brahmin.

A brahmin is immortal and may take on a new body with awareness of his previous bodies.

That which is immortal has no scenario.
That which exists as matter has a scenario and an imagination.
So what is that which alone remains?

The current definition is an all-inclusive one; it is not definitive...but cyclical

What can never be seen, would, actually never be seen...

Experience is something which can happen only with the combination of awareness with the senses... without it there is no experience...

So while we exist, the unseen exists too, but in our perception.
To a hindu, yes brahman alone exists.

Definitions are cyclical becoz they are part of perception and perceivable matter, they are not prakriti.

Probably what cud not be seen, may perhaps one day be measurable (like CERN-LHC expected to throw up new unknown particles maybe).

However, in the current time, it is expected that the brahman due to its expandability and vastness can never be measured.

Mundane experiance can be differentiated from experience of oneself.
Experience of oneself happens only when awareness is not combined with the senses.

Existential reality is not a perception. It wud be just a perception if it were not visible and existed only in the though process. When its effects are visible to others, it is not just an individual's perception anymore. When a man can drop his breath and pulse at will, it can be examined by others. So it is an existing reality.
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There seems to be only Thought/Awareness/Consciousness (brahman) and matter (prakriti)... irrespective of caste, creed and religion (all these are man-made)... I am not concluding, rather stating this at my stage of conviction...

The vedic way (hinduism) is not an "ism" like the others... and really, all those praises, hyms are but a subtle way to understand the origin...

It is Shashti today, and I am observing a fast... I happened to read the "Tripura Rahasya" (an english translation)... I found myself excited, I could place myself into many of the characters (both the questioner and the answerer)...


I slipped into sleep (well half sleep like) while thinking on the concept of the "thought" conceiving "matter" into what we are (the illusory concept)... I cannot explain how I felt, but just that it brought me an inner peace and tranquil...

Still, there is but one thing - I need to know the "why", for that is what will unlock the secret of all secrets (I think it has to be experienced, rather than reading somewhere)

Right before I started my career, I had wished for an early financial retirement... I had never wanted to slog like a donkey till old age; I wanted to experience and enjoy the state of contentment... now the impulse is more so; just not because of the lazy life, but because I am, with each passing day, convicted of the fact that all our actions lead us to a life of unhappiness and misery...

I am myself a hypocrite in what I speak and in what I am... and I dont want to be that...

There are some experiences (state of mind) which could be put down in words and some which are otherwise...

Action in Inaction and Inaction in Action... right now, I feel that I should go to a tranquil place and settle down, maybe tending a small garden of fruits and vegetables... simple physical work to sustain the body while enjoying nature's beauty seems the real contentment factor...
Thoughts in the mind of Shri Parasuram (from the Tripura Rahasya):

39. The gain is only that which is considered to be so by the unthinking public. I however cannot deem it so, seeing that even after gaining the so-called end, the attempts are repeated.

Note: - Since there is no abiding satisfaction in the gain, it is not worth having.

40-41. "Well, having gained one purpose, why does man look for another? Therefore, what the man is always after should be esteemed the only real purpose - be it accession of pleasure or removal of pain. There can be neither, so long as the incentive to effort lasts."

42. "The feeling of a need to work in order to gain happiness (being the index of misery) is the misery of miseries. How can there be pleasure or removal of pain so long as it continues?

43-45. "Such pleasure is like that of soothing unguents placed on a scalded limb, or of the embrace of one's beloved when one is lying pierced by an arrow in the breast; or of the sweet melodies of music heard by an advanced consumptive!

46. "Only those who need not engage in action, are happy; they are perfectly content, and self-contained, and they experience happiness which extends to all the pores of the body.

47. "Should there still be a few pleasurable moments for others, they are similar to those enjoyed by one who, while writhing with an abdominal pain, inhales the sweet odour of flowers.

48. "How silly of people with innumerable obligations ever to be busy seeking such moments of pleasure in this world!"

49. "What shall I say of the prowess of undiscriminating men? They propose to reach happiness after crossing interminable hurdles of efforts!"

50. "A beggar in the street labours as much for happiness as a mighty emperor."

51-52. "Each of them having gained his end feels happy and considers himself blessed as if he had reached the goal of life. I too have been unwittingly imitating them like a blind man following the blind. Enough of this folly! I will at once return to that ocean of mercy - my Master."

Nice to read Sesh-ji.

Perhaps some probs are same here also. Have had enuf of my hypocricy, duplicity of character, borrowing identities to keep private, borrowing opinions, and all the rubbish i have been doing. Perhaps its the effect of kethu dasa going to begin (heard ppl change during its phase). Am just tired of myself, just wanna be me.
12 th house


Nice to read Sesh-ji.

Perhaps some probs are same here also. Have had enuf of my hypocricy, duplicity of character, borrowing identities to keep private, borrowing opinions, and all the rubbish i have been doing. Perhaps its the effect of kethu dasa going to begin (heard ppl change during its phase). Am just tired of myself, just wanna be me.

Especially if Kethu is in 12 th house,Moksha is definite with other rules combined for it.No re-birth.Cha-Ching merging with Brahman.

from my readings on the self:

If the self and the brahman are one... then realization of this self or consciousness is the only way... all that apart from consciousness is but an imagination/dream state/illusion... only that the force of the imagination is strong enough for us to be conceived as real... and that ignorance is the discriminating factor between the two... once we lift the veil and transcend into the supreme consciousness, we liberate ourselves from this illusion/imagination...

But do we need to do that? If all that is material to us is just a state of imagination (like a dream state), then the "I" too is a state of imagination... everything changes... nothing is as it seems... thousands of years may be a minute to the supreme consciousness if we were to evaluate it relatively...

Since, everything is an imagination, we are all unreal, the whole world that we perceive through our sense is unreal... life and death are unreal, and so are pain and pleasure....

This moment that am experiencing is unreal; it is just an imagination of my (our) consciousness that I am so...!!! Since I am unreal, what I think must also be unreal, and the same would naturally apply to the thoughts on the self and brahman... thus, it contradicts itself...

Are we deluding ourselves???

Imagine a transparent sheet of glass (consciousness) suspended in space... only when one side is covered (ignorance) does it have the property of reflecting images... so when the self looks at itself (one side coated with ignorance), it sees itself distinct and in so many different forms... this is Maya or illusion...

But why did it coat itself with ignorance? Why allow it in the first place?
Another one...

The "I" ness is the identifying factor and is also crucial for us athmas... we are what we believe us to be... and after death, we attain the state that our athma desires (through the mind)...

This "I" floats through eternity with its "wants" imprinted on it... whenever it feels (or is able to) to experience these "wants" again, it generates vitality (force) to impregnate the earth (known place)... this is symbolic with the sperm fertilizing the ovum... at that time the "I" gets fused with the embryo which is simultaneous with the instant, the sperm breaches the ovum...

Maybe, the "I" undergoes transformation as it has now subjected itself to material bodies which are governed by various other factors... it is then quite natural for it to identify itself with the body which it has acquired to experience what it strived for in the first place... (this could be either at the embryo stage or at the stage when the infant gets its glimpse at the world ie., when it starts to realize through its physical senses).

This is why probably, many of us feel a certain vacuum in us even if we have acheived a certain state of material prosperity. Some are happy even if they are apparently not materially well off...

Again, the "I" acquires certain wants (by virtue of the life it has led) and it leaves the physical body with these "wants".... and thus the cycle goes on...

If the "I" attains equilibrium, then it does not repeat this cycle as a necessity, but rather out of its sheer desire to experience material life again...

So, we must all engage in various activities to find out THE ONE activity which would appease our athma - and that would stabilise our mind... but we have to be careful in not acquiring new wants for that would make us (the "I" in us) committed to rebirth again.

The activity could be anything - even the extreme violent activity - for an athma that has sought vengeance in one life is full of this thought and it enters again with that in mind... but of course, this thought now transformed, only the aggression remains.

So, in reality, there could be no swargam or narakam; if at all there is, it resides only in us - the "I".

P.S. Am still reflecting on whether the "I" chooses the material body or whether it is a "best fit" mechanism or whether it is completely "random"...

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today...

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one.

John Lennon
Dec 21,2012 ushers the era of Golden Period of Aquarius.Even though uttara-ayanam takes place on Dec21/22 every year,which is actually in the month of Margashirsham or Margazhi or Dhanur Rasi but yet we celeberate the period of Uttara-ayanam on Makara Rasi as Makara Samkranthi.We like to cling to our ancients findings rather than change with science.


i want variety , if need to fight, fight , if need to love love, navarasamum venum

but all should be properly guided.

John Lennon view will not fit my taste - too bland.



i want variety , if need to fight, fight , if need to love love, navarasamum venum

but all should be properly guided.

John Lennon view will not fit my taste - too bland.


ponaal pogattum poda
indha bhumiil
nilayandu vazhandavar yaarada....

ninaipadellam nadandhu vittaal deivam yeadum illai
nadandhaiyae ninathirrundaal
amayidi enrum illayai.....

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