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An Example of Intolerance

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Active member

A member recently quit the Forum and took pot shots at the admins as well as myself with his parting words. For obvious reasons the admins have removed his hateful words. But I want to highlight a portion of his posting below, to make you understand what is going on in our community. One needs to understand the dynamics. He wrote in his blog:

I used to post in a blog purportedly for Tamil Brahmins which unfortunately got infested with anti-Hindu secularists posing as Tamil Brahmins. They started elbowing out well meaning Tamil Brahmins by despicable methods of disruptions and name calling. It is believed one person was posting under different user IDs to create a gang of his own. Amazingly the moderator took sides with the anti-Brahmins! Perhaps they are more interested in the revenue generated by mostly Muslim Matrimonials in that blog! I therefore decided to leave the forum and float my own blog to air my views. I also see a number of well meaning Tamil Brahmins leaving the said forum.

1. 'anti-hindu secularists posing as Tamil Brahmins'.
Seems to me that Sri Ramaa Ji has figured out that anuone who defends true secularism is anti-hindu! I guess he considers himself as a Hindu pope, powered to classify who is and who is not a brahmin!

2. He says 'They started elbowing out well meaning Tamil Brahmins by despicable methods of disruptions and name calling'
Oh, really? Who disrupted whom and who started the name calling? I am quite surprised because when the latest 'name calling' started, sri Ramaa Ji did not get involved, posting a message that in effect said 'It is better to not get involved'.

3. He adds 'It is believed one person was posting under different user IDs to create a gang of his own.'
People who have been following this episode, clearly should remember that one Sri Desi levelled this charge against myself and Srimathi Happy Hindu Ji as the same person. I have already asked the admins of this Forum to check both of our IP addresses and tell the world if we are the same person. I really think that Sri Ramaa has taken multiple identities and hence he thinks that every one else has done the same! If he is serious in his accusation, I would ask him to submit to an analysis of his IP address versus mine in terms of creating duplicate Forum ids.

I do not want people like Sri Ramaa Ji to leave the Forum. I consider it to be my own personal inadequacy that I could not influence the likes of him to stay. But on the other hand, I say, good riddance, as the ilks of Sri Ramaa have no courage to stand up to their beliefs on the merits of their logic, but would rather spit out venom against others, who they can not engage in proper civilized language!

Dear Mr KRS

Mr Ramaa has obviously left the forum. And so does Mr Spectoator. Therefore it would not be proper for us to discuss about the individuals represented by the referred ids, as it would seem to be done in their absense.

Yet, if you wish to discuss the allegations made by Mr Ramaa about the members of this forum in another blog, which he has chosen to float after leaving this forum, then that could be discussed.

Probably contents of that blog has given the Admin the reasons for banning his id at this forum. His accusation obviously is at you meaning that you have multiple ids. But I don't believe the accusation to be true, I also think that the other members of this forum donot think that you have multiple ids. On the contrary, I have reasons to beleive that a new id Spectator was created only with the same objectives that Mr Ramaa has expressed in his new blog. Even in his blog Mr Rama has not disclosed his profile. I am surprised that he doesnot dare reveal his identity anywhere but goes on to attack only the fellowmen in every forum. Could he be a Tamilbrahmin, if his intensions were to create divisions among the Tamilbrahmins? I get my doubts.

The core issue again I wish to highlight is the multiple id possibility and the NEED for the admin to insist on the posters to reveal - and PROVE - their real identity and address. As otherwise, I am just not DOUBTFUL - BUT VERY SURE - those who want to create confusion and division among our unity will again and again keep coming in different ids, hide themselves and mingle amongst us just like as fox and create all divisions and heartburns.

I do not know if Mr Ramaa has already created another id in this forum. He may come in another avatar. So will Spectator and their ilk.

We have to weed out the multiple personalities and also insist on id and address proof.
On Mr Ramaa's other accusation, this forum has lost Mr Nacchinarkiniyan because of a sinister design adopted by a group of posters, just as outlined by Mr Ramaa.

This gives me a doubt that he was the one who engineered that too.

Perhaps the Admin should dig out the old posts and check as to how many members have been lost due to these kinds of machanisations.

The admin may kindly consider writing to persons like Mr Nacchinarkiniyan to come back again and make their posts - which are original works of value.
Dear Happyhinduji

I agree to your statement partly.

The do suffer multiple personality syndrome.

But not like Anniyan. The Anniyan was going around in the society cleaning up bad elements.

But these personalities are driving away good persons like Mr Nacchinarkiniyan.

Dear Sri Anjankumar Ji,

I understand why you would feel that we should not talk ill of Sri Rammaa Ji, when he may not have the option to respond.

Let me please remind you that he stated in this very Forum that he would stay clear of my spat with Sri Desi Ji, and then one fine morning without any warning pulled himself out, while accusing me without any foundation both here and in his new web page.

It is a shame that he would not stand up to scrutiny. Now that I know what he has written, I can surmise that he was operationg under several 'handles' in this very Forum.

It is distasteful to call a fellow Brahmin as a liar. But unfortunately I need to say so regarding this person. As usual. the people of this ilk, preach what they do not practice - that an end by any means is no good. They would lie and cheat to acheive the Truth!

Dear Mr KRS

Yes. I did not appreciate making a comment on Mr Ramaa at this forum as he has left and he cannot defend himself here. In a way the simili that one must not criticise a dead man applies to this situation because the person cannot defend himself. But as you have pointed out, if he makes a scathing attack on you and this forum, you need to defend yourself at this forum. However, if he were to reply to your post in this forum at his page and you replying that in this forum, imagine it would become a mockery with this forum and that blog seemingly fighting each other and behold he having chosen to copy the same name of this forum "Tamilbrahmins.com' ! Well the others would be laughing already that the Tamil Brahmins cannot be united even in the web space !

For Mr Ramaa also setting his own shop has been good because he can go unhindered on his political platform and agenda. There can be no one to stop or comment against his posts. He would be very comfortable with that. In a way, he would be relieved of the pressures of unnecessary interruptions from all and sundry at this forum while he is on his politically loaded mission.

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