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An adventure with alphabets

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somanathan Iyer

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the eternal search

the search is on! The search is on!
Searching for the world free from fear
searching for people free from greed
searching for the god who went missing

world looks small so are the minds
person to person no rapport exists
suspecting each other even in sleep
caring for others no more a desire

craving for comforts order of the day
ruthless shortcuts in clearing the way
money and status passion for the masses
posh and prestige symbol for power

goons are the rulers! Gone are the morals
twisting the laws to fill their coffers
suppressing voice of those remain sincere
poisoning the minds by fuelling hatred

nature losing tranquility causing season’s hostility
global warming on the rise sounding death bells everywhere
human dwellings spreading fast by felling forests with no foresight
water sources drying fast as lakes and rivers remain things of past

warning bells are unheeded despite impacts highlighted
damage controls not in sight as vested people seal them tight
paper tigers on the prowl but actions remain always nil
in quest of ruling one another plans are drawn for hell together

the search is on! The search is on!
Searching for the world with protected nature
searching for the world without race for arms
searching for the world where eachone gets alms
searching for the world where barriors are surpassed
searching for the world where boundaries are withdrawn
searching for the world where people are free from lust & greed
searching for the world where god is seen in every human
I have strong reservation on the line "searching for the world where eachone gets alms"; apart from making everyone a beggar, it is an illogicality too-who will give the alms?
I have strong reservation on the line "searching for the world where eachone gets alms"; apart from making everyone a beggar, it is an illogicality too-who will give the alms?


maybe we should sub 'arms' instead of 'alms'. after all, it looks as if the world is going that way, and always appears to be easy to get hold.

for example, the rebels in libya, where did they get the money for the guns, bullets, trucks et al?
Sangom ji,

The word "Alms" denotes apart from charity given to beggars, also money and food. My intention of saying that is, let world be in such a way that every one should get their food. Instead of competing with each other in building arms, the countries in the world should concentrate on people in keeping them happy.

The search of the Soul

Impact of your deeds in earlier birth whether good or bad
Impose its effects in this life whether it is boon or bane
Prewritten are events to come in life that seldom rewritten at our will
Efforts of ours in living this life just a shield in a hostile battlefield

The soul knows never any barrier
uses this physical form as its carrier
Loses the memoirs of its births earlier
Struggles to live this life easier

In the womb the soul repents the past
Puzzles over the cause for the accrued rot
Decides to embark a virtuous journey
Ponders over a solution in attaining the salvation

The body is the dress and the relations are accessories
Countless of them the soul has adorned
Underwent illusions all through the lives
Catering the needs of only the Body and the Beloved

An endless hunt for a senseless living
A mindless chase for a meaningless life
A Visionless pace for needless vagaries
Eclipse the wisdom that annihilate the sanity

The God is immortal so is the Soul
One is the Creator and the other is Created
Supreme is the creator and secondary is the created
Salvation for the soul lies in reaching the God

An even approach in joy and distress
Values in life and belief in God
Helping the need and shunning the greed
Are the stepping stones in nearing the goal.
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I am posting the translated version of my earlier posting which was in English. I welcome any suggestions in my Tamil translation.

க்ஷோப நாசக ஸ்ரீ கணேச நவ ச்லோகீ

வந்தே கணேசம் ஓம்கார மூலம் வசுதைக நாதம் வாம்சித பலதம்
காருண்ய ரூபம் காமித வரதம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

வந்தே விகடம் பிரம்மாண்ட வ்யாப்தம் ப்ரம்ஹாதி வந்தித பவ பக்த சுலபம்
பாச ஹஸ்தம் பிரசன்ன மூர்திம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

வந்தே கபிலம் கலி க்ஷோபா நாசம் காம க்ரோதாதி கல்மஷ ஹரணம்
அபய ஹஸ்தம் அசமான தேஜம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

வந்தே ப்ரதமம் ப்ரகடித விபவம் பிரமதாதி சன்னுத பரமேச புத்ரம்
மோதக ஹஸ்தம் மோத பரிதம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

வந்தே சூட்சமம் வேதாந்த சாரம் கைவல்ய தாமம் த்ரைலோக்ய பூஜ்யம்
பிரகிருதி மூலம் பரம புருஷம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

வந்தே ஜடிலம் ஜகதாதாரம் ஜன்மாந்தர கருத பாப விதூரம்
சுந்தர ரூபம் சுருசிர மூர்திம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

வந்தே அகிலம் அனந்த நிலையம் அத்வைத சாரம் அர்தேந்து லசிதம்
ஆதி மூலம் அகண்ட பலதம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

வந்தே சாந்தம் சரவணி தனயம் சரதிந்து சந்காச சஞ்ச்வலித வதனம்
சாஹித்ய சங்கீத கவிதாதி மூலம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

வந்தே சௌம்யம் சசிசூர்ய நேத்ரம் சத்பக்த ப்ராரப்த சகலார்த்தி நாசம்
சங்கர சூனும் சங்கட நாசம் த்வத் பாத பத்மம் சரணம் ப்ரபத்யே !!

க்ஷோப நாசக ஸ்ரீ கணேச நவ ச்லோகீ பிரதி தினம் யஹ் படே னரஹ ந்ச விக்னபயம் தஸ்ய சர்வதா அனந்த மாவப்னுயத் !!​
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The voice of dissent

Captives of an unending illusion called Maya
We the mortals subjects of an eternal hilarious comedy
Raise our heads now and then in questioning the SUPREME power
Fall flat at His feet with our wisdom finding no answer

Calling oneself atheist and Agnostic
With claims of unproved oratory arguments
Voicing dissent by victimizing the scriptures
Remain in His association more than the believers

Targeting the religion famed for its tolerance
Spitting their venom on practices that are bygone
Focusing on some sections that seldom retaliate
Deriving a devilish pleasure in hurting the sentiments

Mind never looks beyond when the approach is hostile
Merits are ignored while demerits are magnified
Such is the shrinkage that only recognize the flaws
Paving the way for eternal animosity by widening the gaps

Born to differ by deviating the path
Brothers and sisters besieged by belligerence
Bracing the road of bemoaned bravery
Thus putting the mind in constant t confusion

Not a blind belief is the fear of God
Prevents us mostly from doing the wrongs
Preaches the path of just and fairness
Puts our lives in perfect pedestal!
This poem is based on Hyderabad traffic.

The City Traffic

Hold your breath | Its Hell on the Roads
Noisy Traffic with non-caring spirit
Speeding vehicles with no speed-limits
Zebra lines that remain mere designs
Scaring over-cuts with senseless haste
Restrain walkers from crossing the roads

Jam in Traffic order of the day
Tossing your patience to a traumatic test
Causing agony to old and sick
Raising pressure levels to one and all
Traffic signals adding to the woes
With uneven timings in clearing the blocks

With narrow roads & zigzag traffic
Scarce to find a parking place
Under the garb of traffic rules
Cops are out there only to harass
Enforce rules that have patches of flaws
Clueless citizens paying the price

A nightmare in-deed to drive on roads
Worn out roads with pits and bumps
Contribute their part in breaking your ribs
Walk on pavements a sign of adventure
Hawkers and vendors claim that theirs

All are gentlemen when they are alone
In Mobs and crowds bury the rules
Leaders in politics playing their part
Hold the rallies to outsmart each other
Crowding the streets by hiring the mobs
Causing convulsions to countless public
Punish the people with their political gimmicks

Lucky you are when reach home safely
To face a Tomorrow with similar hardships
Hold your breath | its hell on the roads
The three apples

Savored by Eve an apple vanished
Unleashing miseries on mankind
For which the world still mourns

Sighted by Newton a fallen apple
Oriented the gravitation theory
For which the world always indebted

Synchronized by Steve Jobs
Surfaced the gadgets
For which the world forever rejoice
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