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Amazing Similarities between Mayas and Hindu Nagas

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maya jaguar Asana.jpg

Amazing Similarities between Mayas and Hindu Nagas

( The first part of this article is Are Mayas, Indian Nagas?)

1. Strange co incidence: Kali Yuga 3102 BC and Maya Yuga beginning 3114 BC
2. Maya appearance: Maya people of Central America look exactly like Manippur or Nagaland people.
3. Maya architecture resembled Pallava and South East Asian monuments
4. Justifying their name NAGAS (Sanskrit name for snake) Snake Symbol is found every wherein Naga buildings.
5. “Maya”-- was the divine architect in Hindu mythology. Justifying the name Maya, we see a lot of huge buildings in the Maya countries Mexico, Honduras, Belize and Guatemala.

6. 1000 pillar mandap is mentioned in Vedas and it is found in Madurai and other places. We hear about 1000 pillar mandap in Chichen Itza at the tip of Yucatan peninsula.
7.Patchouli is a game played by both Mayas and Indians
8.Tamil word catamaran is used in Mexico, where Mayas flourished for centuries.
9. Migration Route: Sri Lanka-South East Asia—Central America—South America was the Nga migratory route. All these places are called Naka Loka (Nagaland) in Tamil and Sanskrit literature.
Indus river port Patala was used for travel to the countries down below Indian peninsula and so they were called Patala Loka.
10. Nagas are mentioned in Vedas ( Pancavimsa Brahmana--iv.9,4 ) and they are an ancient race.

11. Nagas in Nala Damayanthi story in Mahabharata and Sangam Tamil literature mention special type of clothes made by the Nagas.
12. Over twenty Naga poets composed Tamil poems which were in the Tamil Sangam anthology.
13. Sri Lanka Nagas and SE Asia Nagas freely mingled with Non Naga races. Agastya Rishi married a Naga princes by name Yasomati in South East Asia. Rig Vedic Agastya was different who married Lopamudra, a princess of Vidharba.( Vedic civilization spread far south beyond Vidharba during Rig Vedic days. This explodes the Westerner’s myth of Aryan-Dravidian divisions).
14.Mahabharata period Nagas married their women to Arjuna (Ulupi and Chitrangatha) One of them is a Tamil also known as Miss Alli Rani.
15. Lord Krishna was Anti Naga and Indra was Pro Naga, according to Hindu scriptures.

16. Krishna’s two clashes with Nagas: Khandava Vana (Gondwana land) and Kaliya Marthan (dancing on the head of a snake)
17. Arjuna’s grandson Parikshit’s assassination culminated in the migration of Nagas outside India.
18. Janamejayan’s massacre was stopped by the good offices of Astika and Jaratkaru.
19.Brahmin’s peace deal was worked out on the banks of Narmadha (Mahismati) and Brahmins remember this every day in their Sandhyavandana Mantra.
20. The Padma Purana says of the seven infernal regions Mahatala, Rasatala and Patala are occupied by Nagas and Danavas. The suffix ATL in many Naga names may be ATALA.

21. Paramapatha Sopana Patam/picture is a Snake and Ladder game played by Tamils and Telugus, where in all the Naga leader pictures are drawn.
22.Ophir—Oviyar--- Chitra---Painter-- is another name of Nagas. Probably they wore Tattoos of snakes on their bodies. Ophites (snake worshippers) is mentioned in Greek literature. Hippolytus and Clement of Alexandria mention this sect.
Sarpa Rakja (Rani) is mentioned in Pancha Vimsa Brahmana. Aligi and Viligi are mentioned in Atharva Veda. Aligi and Viligi are found in Sumerian clay tablets. They may be Nagas/Mayas. Probably Krishna devotees wanted to ridicule them by depicting them as snakes with their names written. When one reaches a snake square by rolling the dices, the player gets negative points and go to the bottom of the board.
23. American born Swami B. V. Tripurari asks, "What mysterious psychological law would have caused Asians, and Americans to both use the umbrella as a sign of royalty, to invent the same games, imagine similar cosmologies, and attribute the same colours to the different directions?"
Hindus and Mayas use umbrella as a royal symbol which is mentioned in Sangam Tamil literature and Sanskrit literature in thousands of places.
Hindus, Jains, Buddhists attribute four different colours to East, South, West and North. Mayas follow it.Maya colours :East-red, South- yellow, West- black, North- white. It is slightly different from Buddhists and Hindus. Shiva’s five faces are attributed with colours. Buddhists colours for directions was even mentioned by a Muslim traveller like Albiruni. Mahabharata attributes four colours for four Yugas (white,yellow,red and black).

23.a) Sanskrit Names for Towns: Guatemala =Gauthama alaya; Tiwanaku= Deva Naga;Tikal=Trikala,Teotihuachan=Deva Takshan,Mitla=Mithila, Orinoco= Ori Nagan, Machu Pichu= Macha Pucham (exactly looking like fish wall. There is one more place with the same name in the Himalayas/Nepal, Jaina Island, Mani, Copan= Sopana,Cholula=Chola,Aryballus= Arya Bala, Chetumal=Ketumala Dwipa=Guatemala,Aztec=Astika (Rishi who saved Nagas). Loads of Sanskrit and Tamil names can be derived by a patient researcher. We can justify it by observing waves of migrations. Tula, Yacatehctli (Yaga Deva Thali) Yaxchilan (Yaksha Seelan) also sound like Sanskrit names.
24. Over seventeen Egyptian kings who lived 3500 years ago had the same title Ramses.It may be Rama Seshan (Vishnu) or Ramesan (Shiva). Egyptian pharaohs Ramses heads are decorated with snake like Lord Shiva’s head. Vishnu had it (snake Adi Seshan) as his bed.
25. Swastika, elephant, lotus: Hindu motifs lotus, Swastika and elephant are found in Maya sculptures. Americas have not got elephants. Millions of years ago mammoths only roamed American north.

26. Maya God Quetza coatl (Plumed Serpent) may be a distorted word meaning Garuda Sathru (enemy of eagle).
27. Fire is Born: One of the kings who ruled around 378 AD is translated as Fire is born. Draupadi, Rajashani Chauhans and Cheras and Velirs of Tamil Nadu say that they were are Fire born. They belong to Agni Kula. Nagas may belong to Agni kula.
28. The Maya king who ruled around 700 AD is called Kan Maxx which is nothing but Maha Nakan/ great snake (Kan is snake in Mayan language, Na(kan), Maxx is Maha)
Palenque (Tamil word Palingu): One of the town names is Palengue. There is a stone temple which looks like marble temple. Palingu is a Tamil word for Marble, Mirror, Crystal etc. Ther eis no doubt that Tamil Nagas also were part of the migration. One of the twenty Tamil Naga poets is Maruthan Ila Nagan who has contributed a lot.
29.The very script of Mayas is round which looks like Palalva Grantha.
Is there any other research conducted, by independent third party to confirm.
If all we have is mythological reference then it is a reach to conclude convincingly that mayans and nagas are same people.There is some dispute about when this era of Mayan civilization began. Recent discoveries of Maya occupation at Cuello, Belize have been carbon dated to around 2600 BC This level of occupation included monumental structures. The Maya calendar, which is based around the so-called Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, begins on a date equivalent to 11 August 3114 BC.However the most widely accepted view, as of 2010, is that the first clearly Maya settlements were established around 1800 BC in the Soconusco region of the Pacific Coast. This period, known as the Early Preclassic, was characterized by sedentary communities and the introduction of pottery and fired clay figurines.'

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Dear Prasad

The mythological date is always a puzzle. Even the Kaliyuga is not accepted by the Indian historians and archaeologists. They give the date 1500 BC for Mahabharata. So we have to solve the puzzle of Kali yuga first.

One very interesting co incidence is even in India Kalhana's calculation is 2600 BC for Kaliyuga. Now we have at least one proof that the same event can be calculated in two ways. Kalhana's date was a puzzle till today. Now I get a clue from your mail the same controversy or contradiction is in Maya world as well!!

Please go to Kalhana's Rajatharangini and related dating issues for Kaliyuga. 600 years difference in Hindu and Maya world!!!
Just to add in Raghuvamsam it mentions about Lord Rama's son Kusa married Kumudvati who was the sister of the Naga King Kumuda(King of the serpents).
Son of Kusa and Kumudvati was Athiti who also a famed king in the Raghuvamsa.

I used to wonder if the Nagas were really serpents how would a human being be able to marry them and have children with them too.

So it makes much more sense if the Nagas were a tribe of humans and not actually serpents.
Also in Mahabharat, Kunti Devi's maternal grandfather is Naga Aryaka...so I guess there is really a lot about the HISStory of Naga's we dont know much about yet.
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I request readers not to paste from other websites in the reply column. People can easily access them through google. I know lot of absurd things are written by astrologers about Indus script etc. Mine is pure historical research, not beliefs. You are most welcome to add your own points in short. If you paste long passages from google , even myself will not have time to read such things. There are 10,000 blogs in Tamil alone. Millions of blogs in English. Please give your views in short and sweet language. Please dont paste from other sites and spoil my forty year research on these subjects.
I believe that a lot gets distorted over period of time.
For instance Vanara is not monkeys alone but a tribe of Forrest dwellers.
Similarly Nagas are serpents and tribe of people. There is a state in India called Nagaland.
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