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Alangudi Radhakalyanam - 2010

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Radhakalyanam/ Bhajan

RadheKrishna- Thanks for the schedule.
Are we honoring any needy Bhagavathars during that Alangudi Radhakalyanam. I mean any poor bhagavathar who is having financial difficulty. I request Alangudi organisers to make a note of this point and help needy bhagavathars by giving them a chance or slot .

Recently I celebrated Radhakalyanam in my house . Earlier I had made a sankalpam to call and honour people who are genius but not so popular and are needy . We invited and honoured Sri Soundararja Bhagavathar. Since he is having Nethra Heenam he is not able to go and attend many bhajan programs . He is one of the great scholars . I called up Kovai Mama and he was kind enough to share with me his contact details.

I also took the videos of the entire function and few of them has been posted in You tube. Request Udayalaur Kalayanarama Bhagavathar to help publicise the attached videos

Regards, Patham Iyer
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Alangudi Radhakalyanam-2010

Radhekrishna !
You are doing a good job. Our blessings to you. In Alangudi, we use to do patha pooja to as many as minimum six bhagavathas every year before the start of the grand event. Sri.Udayalur Kalyanarama Bhagavathar is helping those bhagavathas who are really in trouble through ' Bhagavatha Seva Trust'. He is doing a remarkable job. When all I visit his residence, I use to find him busy with bhagavatha seva trust service. He is one in a million. God bless him. Thanks for communicating.
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Dear RKRaman
Recently one of my cousin arranged for a Radhakalyanam in a very famous late musician's village. Musician's family and my cousin are neighbours. This village is not very far from Thiruvarur, Kudavasal etc He has also requested for one famous bhagavathar time. Bhagavathar has agreed and he has over booked himself on that day itself and he was supposed to go to another village 20 km away. The bhagavathar charged exhorbitant amount for 3 hour slot ( Rs20K) and he along with his stlylist Mridangist was cribbing about the sound system through out the bhajan without concentrating on the Bhajans. What I mean here is many bhagavathar's are making this as their profession and when you make it as a profession - you look for whoopher, sub whoopher, sound quality , mike quality etc. Then the whole purpose and intention of Radhakalyanam is diluted. This Bhagavthar also dont encourage audience to put Jalra and sing along with him. I am seeing through the Youtube Videos - In Alangudi Radhakalyanam also - The bhagavathar's are not sitting close to Swamy and the stage type arrangements are made . Please avoid all those things and make it more easy for people to mingle and participate in the Namasmaran. This is my humble request and suggestion.
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Radhekrishna !

1. Professionalism in respect of talent is always welcome. Whereas, demanding exorbitant money without understanding the values of these divine proceedings is condemnable. At the same time,organizers also should know the difficulties of bhagavathas who have taken up bhajan as their profession.

2. Any artist, once they commit, should not deviate from their words. Skipping one place and going to other is nothing but 'adharma'. There is no prayachitha for this. In my view, normally no sensible man will do this.

3. Regarding mike, we can pray only the Almighty. It should be alright. If there is any problem, it will really irritate the singers. You can not blame them. In situations like this bhagavathas may increase their bhakthi bhava and try to subside their dissatisfaction. Nothing more can be done. Only the organizers are the final victims.

3. The main thread of 'bhajan' is group singing. I agree with you that the singers, accompaniments and audience are to be closely placed. In olden days we could implement this fully due to the fact that there were only a handful of people were there in any bhajan. Even in Alangudi it was like that. Without mike, Mayavaram Krishnamurthy bhagavathar will be singing continuously for hours together. Around him will be all of us. Now, the situation is different. The crowd is more in Alangudi Radhakalyanam. What we have adopted is a compromising formula. We shall try to improve further.
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Dear RKRaman sir,
Thank you for detailed reply. I fully agree with you.

  1. Even now I have seen Bhagavatha's like Sri Soundaram Bhagavathar, Thiruvisanallur Ramakrishna Bhagavathar does not require a mike. Mike or no mike their sound quality and energy levels are same.
  2. I have not seen ThiruvaidaiMarudur Venkatarama Bhagavathar using the sound systems
However we must admit that things are changing. But we should not buck under pressure to change the sambiradhyams and tradition. More thalam, more people singing - we get more vibrations. Another suggestion being that when you introduce or honour an artist the same should be done by another senior Bhagavathar. This will bring moral responsibility for a senior bhagavathar to attend the full bhajan of the artist that he introduces. I had seen that Sengottah Hari Bhagavathar being introduced by one of your organisers.

For example when we arranged for Radhakalyanam, though I know Sri Soundaram Bhagavathar very well, I have asked Sri Ravi Bhagavathar to introduce him to the audience. Sri Ravi Bhagavathar was present for the whole 5 hour session

Today -Sri Bothendral Jayanthi and I miss Govindapuram very much. My uncle is one of the trustee there

Regards , Patham Iyer

Radhekrishna !
We take due care at Alangudi to ensure that sampradhayam does not get affected. I share your concern on this. When some rules are framed by some godly men, we need to honour them in the interest of preservation of our valued tradition. There is nothing like sampradhaya bhajan. The right analogy for this is 'balanced diet'. We won't get bored. Our concentration remains intact even if the bhajan goes on for hours together.

We should not forget the services of old timers likeThiruvaidaiMarudur Venkatarama Bhagavathar in namasankeerthan. Our salutations to them. Regarding introduction of Sri.Shenkottai Hari, we just did it. There was no other senior at that time who knows about him at Alangudi.

Here, we need to tell something about the talent of Sri.Shenkottai Hari. He is a gifted artist of highest caliber. We all know that no one can match Udayalur Kalyanaraman. We have mutual affection. We use to call Sri.Shenkottai Hari as 'Chinna Kalyanam'. Next to Udayalur, he will prove to be the most wanted artist in the years to come. His co-singer Sri.Kumar is equally talented, like 'briga' balu for Udayalur.

As namasankeerthan movement is getting geared up in an unexpected pace, we need more and more such artists. We are always on the look out for such people. Let us work for upholding our cherished culture.

Shenkottai Hari

Radhekrishna !
Oh ! Good. This is still a better honour. He deserves it. We need to encourage such young artists !

Dear Shri RK sir

when you visit Bangalore please do let me know in advance. Also please get external USB storage drive- I like to share 45 GB video data of Radhakalyanam held privately in our house . We did that for family re-union at Bangalore with all over India/Abroad assembled in my house.
Few clippings were uploaded by my son in Youtube. Earlier I have shared the Link thread !!

Regards, Patham Iyer
Radhekrishna !
Sure, I shall communicate you when I happen to go over to Bangalore. Yes, I got links. Let me see the videos. By the by, try to attend 'Alangudi Radhakalyanam-2010' along with your family. I am sure you would enjoy the grand show where only bhakthi & sradhdha dominates !
Dear Sir,
Namaskarams to all.On behalf of this forum if all of you are interested to invite My beloved Grand Paas Shri Yediyurappa ji , the Honourable CM of Karnataka,Ashok Singal ji ,and Praveen bai Thokkadia to attend in the related functions of Radha Kalyanam Please feel free to contact me.I will take all the respected Organisers of the function to see the VVIPS in person to give the Pathirikai in person.
My name is T.S.Sankara Narayanan,C/O Sree Neela Travels Madurai.email [email protected] and my mobile is 98421-11592.
Alangudi Radhakalyanam-2010

Radhekrishna !
Your proposal is good. Let me take the opinion of the organizers and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks a lot.

Sir, I am from Bangalore. I like that idea of getting prominent people. Ashok singhal and praveen takodia dont understand Tamil as I have interacted with them in the International congress for Religious Leaders, held few ( 12) years back in New Delhi

TN CM (Shri MK) may not like this idea and you will have local goons disturbing this event

rkpatham, rkraman,

you folks appear to be doing a great job in performing radha kalyanam focussing on the religious and spirtual aspects.

now there is talk of inviting ashok singhal and praveen thokadia.

ashok ofcourse is from vishwa hindu parishad, praveen from rss - both socio political organizations.

i see a danger in mixing religion and politics here. what you have done so far, is pristine, and inclusive of people of all political views.

personally i think, neither vhp or rss is good for the integrity of india. this forum would desist any political propagation.

india, is a complex country of many peoples and religions. the hindutva agenda proposed by vhp/rss/bjp is divisive.

furthermore, as tamil brahmins, it is against our traditon, i believe, to veer towards paths of intolerance and violence.

but the issue here, and which i caution you, is to avoid political influence into purely religious functions.

it does not do our traditions any good.

thank you.
Dear Moderator,
My view is also same. Getting prominent people I suggest is that some one who is good,non-controversial.

I had seen in Video Sri Ramgopalan was invited for some function. He may be a noble soul but he is not far from controversies. There was a murder attempt on him elsewhere.

Let us avoid controversies . There are 100's noble bhagavathars in Tamil Nadu and they should be facilitated rather than getting into crowd pulling tactics

Let us avoid mixing politics and religion ( a deadly cocktail)

Kunjuppu ji and all Seniors Please note and I think I am younger to you.So my First Namaskaram to all elders and respectables.
Mixing Politics and Religion is not at all a Sin.Even Late,Beloved "Muthuramalinga Thevar has expressed that Politics and religion are My Two Eyes"
In India all politics are going on,and moving along with Religion.We are saying that," India is one" and Secular but a Hindu is not able to sit in the CMs chair of Kashmir.Why?
We are respecting other Religion at the same time we fear to invite our own leaders.Why?
We developed Goons and Gundas since 1968 in TN.They are just very few in Nos.We indirectly admit their autrosities.
Our CM daringly attends all functions of Minorities at the same time never care about Hindus even though we are majority.Why?More over he is defaming Hindu Culture.Why?This is because of the Disunity among Hindus.Our community is supposed to lead the Hindu Culture.Though there are many aatheenams,Mel Maruvathur Adigalar,and so on spreading Hindu Culture but Famous mutts like Kanchi,Shringeri are operated by Brahmins and respected by the leaders of whole India.
I will be more happy even if you invite Sonia or any other Cong or DMK heads at the same time they wont come and attend.I am sure.Because they are worried about minorities vote bank.
They have a thinking that attending a Hindu Based Function is Always Communal.
At the same time Soaping Minorities is Secular.Is it so?
This kind of atmosphere is not healthy for Hindu Culture.For a marriage function we will invite all.if there was a personel conflict between a two individual what can we do?If the trend continues we will be supressed and our supression will not have an end.
we respect all Communities at the same time dont we have the Liberty to invite our own respectable Leaders?
Toleration is a must in a mixed race country like India.I admit.At the same time what is the difference between Slave Behaviour and avoiding our own leaders in a fear of Goons?
Dear elders please at least weak up now....It is a Hindu Religious Function....Hindu Family Function...Dont we have the liberty to invite our own family people? Please just think....


We may not derieve any benefit by getting the politicians or controvercial leaders . My point here is it is religious function and we dont need any benefit from them but we should not invite any trouble.

What if some one from DK showed a black flag to these people. This will have nuisance value.

I may compromise on my views when we get to the days where we allow non-brahmins to do a divyanamam in our community Radhakalyanams.

We invite politicians for Temple kumbabhishekams etc where different communities are participating. Politicians take mileage out of these functions ( at time they create stampede and human loss too).

My questions is Hinduism is several thousand years old , Brahminism is also several thousand year old. Are we syurviving because of politicians ? what have they done for us ? Singhal ji has z category security and SPG police enter always with shoes......... Gurustalam .... Vendam indha vilayattu

Regards , Patham Iyer

hope in this reply, i can cover also a response to rkpatham.

sankar, i can understand your concerns, and your fears. also your observations.

i think, taking extreme positions, have been self destructive in the long range. whether it be germany on the right, or russia/china on the left, extremism has caused untold sufferings.

ultimately, it causes a backlash and destroys the purveyors of violence. it is in this context, that i express my concern re organizations like vhp or rss, and their tendency to mix religion and politics.

i feel, that it is an individual's right to join and subscribe to any political outfit that he or she likes. however, they should carefully step through the consequences of their actions.

i do not really look forward to seeing our community getting tangled in the ensuing violence, for we are not of that calibre. i do not mean specifically muscle power, as much as, i think, we have a tradition of using our knowledge to achieve our goals.

political turbulence is a new game, and i do not think we know how to play the concept of brinkmanship. we will get hurt. get hurt deeply.

the great leaders like gandhi, rajaji, kamaraj were all proud hindus. but they never felt the need to carry it to a jingo level, to feel other communities or castes feel threatened.

whether we like it or not, india is too far complex, to define everything under an hindu umbrella.

sankar, even in this forum, of supposedly one single group, how much differences we have in relation to religion, faith and politics.

i think, those that call for hindu unity, have secret political or social agendas, which are not conducive for india as a whole, for within this unity call, implies exclusion, not necessarily of indians of other faiths, but also just as important, hindus of castes disliked by them.

i think, a better way, is to practice social service and dedicate to our God and religion. with a goodness of heart, and not with a view to promote a political agenda.

thank you sir. please take care and be careful.
Let us follow the path of Mahatma Gandhi. Ahimsa is the best weapon and even the mighty british have no answer. We have seen in the recent past, all the dictators and terrorists face the same end. Let us work for the upliftment of poor & downtrodden instead of fighting or gossiping the politicians
Now I am 51 yrs of age.When I was a Teen Aged Boy our ancestors told me the same word,just as every one replied.
One full generation has passed.Still the Brahmin Community never comeup from its Fearing Nature.
All compared Gandhi.But many cong men today are the Boss of a wine shop and doing Mutton Stall Business.
Gandhi faught against Europians.Congress is spreading Red Carpet for Italian.
DK and DMK men of those days involved in Scam of some Thousands.
Now Crores are nothing for them.
Days have changed...Every thing around us has completely changed..
Brahmins are still Un Changed...
we fell down 40 to 50 years back..Still we are going deep and deep.
When we are going to come up? Wen we are going to face Challenges? That is the only surprise..God only knows...
as we never want to try for an attempt to Raise above..

1 - Days have changed...Every thing around us has completely changed..
Brahmins are still Un Changed...

2 - we fell down 40 to 50 years back..Still we are going deep and deep. When we are going to come up? Wen we are going to face ..


can you please explain further, in what context, you mean this things?

whether it social, religious, political or any other... i think our perspectives are completely different, but i would like to hear yours, and then, give you my outlook.

hope you don't mind.

thank you.
Kunjuppu ji,
Social,Religious and Political .....
On those days there was a Gem in our Community by name Rajaji.Then TTK,R.Venkataraman,all occupied a major roll in Political field....
T.V.S,Simpson,India Cements,Raman and Raman and many more occupied a major roll in Society.The occupied the entire Economy of our State:Experts of different fields like Kunnakkudi,ariyakkudi Ramanuja Iyengar etc...That is Social....according to your quote..
Then Religious...Kanchi Mutt,Shringeri,many more Jeers,who where respected by the entire India and even they are worshiped in place of God...
What about Now...?
We by our self not even fighting or even permitted to fight for establishing our Individuality...
We are going deeper and deeper since past 5 decades.
One police case is pending still in my account among others of my party.
We are still not ready to give up our fear over the few rowdies.
We fail to realise that Rowdies are just few...
Dear Sri Sankaranarayanan ji,

I don't know what is the case pending against you. Most of the members in this forum earnestly feel that `physical fight' against rowdism is not the solution to our problems.

Rajaji, TTk, RV etc fought against mighty British during freedom struggle under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi taking the `ahimsa' path and ultimately achieved the goal. All these great personalities know very well that they cannot win the same goal by physical fight.

We are a small minority in Tamilnadu as well as India. We cannot fight the system through vote bank politics or other means. People from our community including ladies are reaching great height in society even today (Pepsi Indhra Nooyi is an example). Our community members have started migrating to many countries in the world were equality of opportunity is provided.

Still there are poor and downtroden people in our community and we should help them come up in life. Instead of going for an unequal fight, let us concentrate in developing our own community people who need the help. Let us not discuss about others.

I think we should think and act positively towards development of our community. Let us not waste time on other things
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