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Agni nakshathiram

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I have started this thread at a time of the year when it is AGNI NAKSHATHIRAM.

Could someone please throw light on this phenomenon called AGNI NAKSHATHIRAM?


What are the elements of this phenomenon?

What are the causes and effects of this phenomenon?

What signals the beginning and end of AGNI NAKSHATHIRAM?

How is the beginning predicted?

What is its significance?

Is this an astronomical or astrological phenomenon or is it both?

Is this phenomenon existent only in India or is it existent in other parts of the world also?

If it occurs in other parts of the world also, in which other parts of the world does it occur? Are people in other parts of the world where it occurs aware of such a phenomenon? If they are aware by what name do they call this phenomenon? If they are not aware why are they not aware? Why is it being spoken of only in India?

Thanks in advance.

I think we pass through Agni Nakshatram now. However a depression has formed in the bay of bengal and Chennai is cloudy now.

Cyclone may be a heavenly blessing for a change

Temperature in Chennai City has come down drastically giving relief to all the living creatures.

Mercury which was touching 40 degree centigrade has come down to 35 degree centigrade.

However in the past mercury use to touch high during Agni Nakshatram period.

Is there any thing special about current year phenomena.

All the best

each year my aunt in chennai tells me it feels more hot than the previous year. i look up the historical data, and chennai is just as hot, and no more, than when i was growing up

in my teens, 'without wasting the sunlight', to quote my dad, my friends and i, used to roam around the then cycle friendly madras, all the way from adayar to purusawalkam with every nook and joint in between.

the bicycle was a degree of freedom with unimagined pleasure - cheap, healthy and ofcourse fully sunny exposed.

true, our skins turned dark but our spirits were always high, in the joint companionship. treat to us, then was an occassional kali kola (my favourite flavour was icecreamsoda) or vincents orangeade.

there was not even goldspot then, i think, though coca cola came for a brief period, only to be chased away by indira gandhi.

thank God for the rains. we can always use more to refill our ground water. hope the drainage system is better than what it was when i was young - whole streets submerged in sewage water, and the environment ripe for cholera.

i heard that there is no banganapalli mangoes this years. very sad to hear that. what is summer in madras without banganapalli?
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