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Agasthya - the legendary sage & rishi

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There was one Nochur swamigal who got lots of Agasthiar naadis. His ashram is at
Nochur. The Ashram authorities recently released a casette of Agasthiar's songs.
These tamil songs are loaded with philosophy of the highest order.
The song - srichakraraja simhasaneswari sri lalitha - made famous by late Maharajapuram
Santhanam is by sage Agasthiar. This is for your info.
n Hinduism, Agastya also transliterated as Agathiar, Agasthiar, Agastyar and in other ways) is a legendary Vedic sage or rishi. He is in some ways regarded as the patron saint of much of the south India. Some say that it was the sage Agastya who first brought and popularized the Vedic religion to south India. Agastya and his clan are also credited to have "authored" many mantras of the Rig Veda, the earliest and most revered Hindu scripture, in the sense of first having the mantras revealed in his mind by the Supreme Spirit Brahman. In some reckonings, Agastya is also said to be one of the greatest Seven Sages or Saptarshis. The word i
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