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Affectionate Mother and Adamant Son :

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A very affectionate mother lived with her son.
She brought up her Son with more Care and Affection.Her love and affection on her son is very Eternal and Beyond Compare.
As days went on and the boy grew he had Very Bitter and Worst Friends and his Character went Wrong.
At one stage he had Friendship with an Immoral Lady.His Worst Friends supported his love on that Immoral Lady.
The Lady is Very Greedy and also Sadist.
The Sadist Lady absused the boy very often by demanding This and That and Tortured the Boy.
Because of her son's bad friendship the boy was misdirected many tims and took Un Thoughtful Decisions in his life.
Suddenly One Day the Lady demanded the boy to kill his Mother and Bring His Mothers Heart under her Feet.
The Mis Directed Boy with the help of an Axe killed his Affectionate Mother and rushed to see the Greedy Lady by holding his Mothers Heart in his hand.
Even after the killing," The Heart of the Mother" Continued to Maintain Love and Affection on the Son.
At one stage the boy suddenly Fell Down and Blood was Flowing Continuously from his Knees.
The Heart of his mother was shocked at this accident and weaped to his son and Requested his son to be Careful while walking to that immoral lady.
That is Called Motherly Affection.

Characters of This Story :

Affectionate Mother : Bharatya Janatha Party.
Son : People Of India.
Bad Friends of Son : RJD,DMK,Mulayam,etc...
Immoral Lady : Congress.
Demands Of Immoral Lady : Frequent Imposing of Taxes on Poor People and abnormal Price raise of essential Commodities.
Mothers Heart : Prevailing MPs of BJP.

Imagination By :
T.S.Sankara Narayanan,
Dist Executive Comitee Member,
Bharatya Janatha Party,
Tamil Nadu.

let us not politicize this forum. it is very easy to appeal emotionally.

patriotism is not the sole domain of a single political party. please remember, that for every bjp, there is also a dmk or congress or cpi(m) or maoist.

each one giving vent to their views as to what is best for the country is best done in a public speech, or political office, or doortodoor campaign.

i think i have requested several times to you on this issue. again the reason, which i will repeat, this has happened before you became a member, and this forum was a playground of some ugly exchanges.

i am quite sure you do not want to father one of those. please treat this as a honoured family and let us not together taint it with politics, which is the last abode of scoundrels.
I have heard this story (except the Characters of This Story) in sun TV Arattai Arangam....

Actually this is a very old story, Nagesh narrates this story in the movie Server Sundaram. Nagesh plays a movie star in the movie and had to stay in the studios finishing up a scene while his mother was dying in a hospital.

What is interesting in this narration is this "mother" was quite friendly with one of the baddies, DMK, when she needed them to rule over her son. You see, the son is a smart cookie, he saw what this manipulating, selfish and overbearing mother was up to and freed himself from her clutches. So much the better.

Not open for further replies.

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