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Adoption of child

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My relatives age male 42 yrs female 36 tamil iyer have no child for the last 14 years. He is very well employed in chennai but their life is very stressful. His wife is virtually under house arrest for the 14 years except she is talking to her mother and father. Medical treatments does not reveal any major problems.

If there anybody to suggest good doctors in chennai or for adoption of tamil brahmin child in chennai.

36 years is not a worry some age.

Movie star Gemini ganesan's daughter is expert in IVF treatments. One of my cousin got a child through this after ten years in the same hospital.

dont remember the name of the hospital, but its near nugampakkam
thank you for your reply. The matter i have given is a genuine grievance. anybody who want to comment in a lighter vein pls. dont do.
This is the hospital that Shivkcji has mentioned

GG Hospital Chennai, Dr.Kamalaselvaraj Obstetrician and Gynecologist

her name is Dr.Kamalaselvaraj and she is supposed to be good. The hospital runs a Fertility Research Center which is quite popular with NRI's and Locals.

You might want to check the website for more details or contact them directly.

GG Hospital
6-E, Nungambakkam High Road,
Chennai- 600 034.
Tamil Nadu, India.

Phone : 91- 044 - 28272460, 28277563, 28277694
91- 044 - 28233160, 28271319, 28277434

Telefax : 91- 044 - 28277147, 28277423
Email ID's:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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With regards to the adoption of tamil brahmin child, i suggest that you be extremely cautious and careful. I have heard and read quite a few stories where the child said to belong to one caste actually has parents who are not from that caste... Please verify every single fact before you adopt a child.
Is a child warranted?
If she has medical condition (read psychological), a child may be a burden, and may not be an ideal spot for the child.
Unless you know the problem completely, you may be prescribing wrong solution.
Just a thought. Just as genuine, as your concern.
If you any poor brahmin parents to help the depressed couple in adoption, Kindly inform me. And help in this noble cause.
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