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Aditya Hrdayam Again - Part 4 (Skanda - Six Energy types)

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[/h][h=2]Background[/h]In my understanding Vedas are texts of cosmic evolution. In my understanding the cosmic evolution described in Vedas fit the standard model very well. When a person studies these verses without a good understanding of science, it appears very abstract and understanding is left to imagination of the individual.

People who did not understand the content, in their endeavor to reproduce the verses verbatim formed their own stories around these verses which became puranas at a later time. Yet thousands of years later, modern researchers did the same and came out with their own ‘puranas’ which are peddled as the ‘current meaning’ of the vedic verses.

Modern scholars visualized the vedic verses as verses describing some nomadic civilization and tried to base their interpretations on it.

Pity is that people who would think that there is a value in Vedas still base their interpretation, not on the original text, but the understanding provided by these researchers who themselves were guessing wildly.

There are several fundamental cosmic forces that make us what we are. These forces arose at the start of evolution of Universe. We can perceive the impact of these forces in our day to day life. We can even learn from these forces and make our everyday experience more enjoyable.

Vedic verses help us facilitate to learn from these forces and relate science to our everyday life experiences.
[h=2]Operative part of Aditya Hrdayam[/h]
Esa brahmaa cha vishnuscha shivah skandah prajaapatih
Mahendro dhanadah kaalo yamassomo hyappam patih

Esa – All these
Brahm a cha – Brahma (Gravity) and
Vishnu cha – Inertia
Shivah Skandah – that emitted/diffused/grew out of Matter, the Energy diffusing out of matter
Prajapatih – Lord of their subjects

These Brahma (Gravity) and Vishnu (Inertia) are the Prajapatis of those that hopped out/diffused out of Shiva (Dark Energy that expands the Universe).

In other words Gravity and Inertia accompany the six types of energy (skanda) that diffused out of Shiva (Dark Energy that expands the Universe).

Skanda has six forms according to Puranas. There are six types of energy according to science.

Mahendro – The Great Indra which I map to quarks and baryons
Dhanada – Kuvera, which I map to Color Charge
Kalo – Transfer of energy with No physical movement, but mass transfer
Yama – Electro-static charge
Somo – Strong/Binding force
Apam Pati – Photons

The Mahendra (quarks, baryons) accompany the Dhanada/kuvera (Color charge), Kala (A type of transfer of energy) accompany the Yama (Electro-static Charge), Soma (strong force) accompany the Apa (photons)

Summary of the above stanza

These Brahma (Gravity) and Vishnu (Inertia) are the Prajapatis of Skanda (six energy types), that hopped out/diffused out of Shiva (Dark Energy that expands the Universe).

The Mahendra (quarks, baryons) accompany the Dhanada/kuvera (Color charge), Kala (A type of transfer of energy) accompany the Yama (Electro-static charge), Soma (strong force) accompany the Apa (photons).

Indra, Varuna, Soma, Kala

This leads us to the question who could be Indra, Varuna, Soma, Kala, Yama and Apa. But to understand that we need to go through the Rg vedic texts, which we will be doing in this series.

In short Indra are baryons (three-quarked ones that make the nucleus of atoms). Dhanada or Kuvera is Color charge. Soma is the Strong force. Apa are the photons. Kala is a type of transfer of energy that has no physical movement but yet does mass transfer and Yama is Charge.

Kala is more explained here

Further Varuna are quark-antiquark pairs, Mitra are gluons, Not just that we will see Pusan is heat as defined in 1st law of thermodynamics, Savitr is Entropy as defined in second law of thermodynamic, Surya is Energy as defined in first law of thermodynamics and Khaga is ever-permanent motion as defined in third law of thermodynamics.

Let’s go through the Rg Veda Mandala 3 Hymn 62 in next few sections..

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