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Activities before MK - A Semi-Serious thought

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I visit Karuthu regularly. For those who may not know, Karuthu is a discussion forum formed by Kanimozhi & Karthik Chidambaram.

While browsing, one topic, one response got my attention:

Topic : Vazhga Kalaignar

One response was : [********] mu ka vukku udal walam sariyillaiyaamee. anththa periyavar udal walam peRa veeNduvoom. innum sila kadamaikaL avar mun uLLathu.

(Is MK ill ? Pray for his quick recovery. He has few responsibilities ahead of him]

I posted the following response with clear knowledge that it wouldn't be published :

Avai yaadhenin

- Mu Ka Stalinukku CM urudi seidhal

- Mu Ka Azhagiri CBI vasam maataamal kaathal

- Summanachum ulloola kattikku Maranodu sandaiyai
mudithu vaithal

- Kanimozhikku Union Cabinet il mukkiyamana ministry
vangi tharudhal

- Brahmanargalai innum konjam vasai paadhudhal

- Udan pirappe, uppilla paruppe yendru dinam oru madal yezhdudhal

- Hey OBC vargame, neengal OBC aaga pirandha karanathinal dhan IIT / IIM
kadavugal mooda pattu vittana....thaguidhi yam...marka..aam adhellam
veen endru OBC makkalidam yennathai nilai naattal

- Salai virivakkam yendra peyaril iyandravarai kovilgalai iditthal

- Naangu aandugallukku thevayana ilavasa vanna tholaikkatchi kku order

- Adutha therdhalukku Fridge-Mixi tharalama illai AC- Grinder tharalama
yendru perasiriyarudan allavalavi mudivu yeduthal

- ippanigal anaithum sevvane seidhu mudikka kadavulai kumbidamal, "manjal
salwai" mel nambikkai veithu kaathiruthal

Members can add more.

Suresh sir - Ungallukku idhu oru ponnanna vaaippu.
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Dear Hari,

Looks like they have a coordinated online AND offline effort.

We need something like that.

But more to your point - you couldn't be more right.

Mukyamana sila inna pira vishayangal/karuththukkal.

--Jayalalitha vai therthalil nirka vidamal seivatharku aavana seithal

--Yenji irukkum kalyanam aagatha peran, pethiyai Brahmnarukku kalyanam seithu koduthal

--August madham thuvanga irukkum Kalaignar TV yai Sun TV yai vida melum uyarnthathaaga kondu varuthal

Veru yethavathu vitturinthal intha min-tholai-karuththarangin anbaana karuththaalargal thodarattum

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sirs - Hari - there are some more things to be completed in the 'rational' agenda:

1. abolishing sanskrit from all temples and introducing chennai tamil in orthodox temples (of course as usual mosques & churches are exempted from this 'tamilisation' !)

2. removing idols of gods from all temples and installing idols of the 'periar' and the 'maniyamma' instead!

3. removal of all bramin priests from orthodox temples and installing dmk functionaries as priests instead!

4. opening of bars of 'Tasmac' in all temples with provision of cabaret also!

these things will ensure that the 'periar' will rest in peace and the karunanidhi will have the satisfaction of removing all thorns from the heart of the 'periar!
Difference in Scale | Aaaha Arumai

Looks like they have a coordinated online AND offline effort.

We need something like that.


You are right. Couple of minutes after i hit the submit button, i got a PM from Admin citing the excuse that i had written a long post in 'thanglish' i.e tamil in english which is difficult to follow.

I replied to them/him/her that - you needed a pretext to avoid posting and anyways i wasn't hopeful of this passing thru the scanner. The point however is valid but i am not sure about the motives.

It is a matter of scale. Though desired, with a largely volunteered effort i don't think we can have ability to do online edit.

Having said that, Karuthu is a wonderful forum. I may disagree with some of the views of many & many of the views of some, but i must say that the quality of discussions are of the highest order. Apparent anti-brahmanism is rampant, surprisingly led from the front by NRIs. Amazing range of topics too. Some of the posters are truly amazing.

There are clearly some anti-brahmin baiters & there are a few legendary tussles. Quirk of fate or what, most of the anti vs pro brahmin discussions happen between a "Thirupathi" and "Thirumalai".

Suresh - This is a good forum for you, if you have the time & inclination to take upon these guys.

Back to the topic............

Chintana avargale, Suresh avargale, arumai...arumaiyilum arumai....

Seyarkkariya seiyalgalai yeduthu uraithamaikku dravida kazhagam yendrendrum nenjarndha nandriyai navilgiradhu...

Thangal karuthukkalai kanda kalaignarin sindhanaiyil thondriya kavidhai idho :

Anbu illaval Suresha,
nee sonnadhu irukku besha,
kovil karuvaraikkul periyarin padam,
adhu dhane avar irukka vendiya idam

verum kallukku yedhukkaiyya poosai,
netraya tokenai veithu indru saapida mudiyuma dosai,
yenadhu nedu nalaya aasai,
aapadiye alla vendum undiyal kaasai

saamiyai namburavan kaatumirandi mandu,
yen sondha vishayamada manjal thundu,
thondanidam collection panninadhu engal fundu,
adhil kai veche, maara, aagiduva nee bendu

kazhaga kanmaniyin chinnamada udaya sooriyan,
dravida ina drogidhaneda indha paarpana aariyan,
dasaradhanukku pin raman - adhu polin,
adutha thalaimuraikku CM yen magan Stalin.
Ignoring is the best policy!

With reference to the views expressed iabout Karuthu (though old one now), still it pains one's heart. Doesn't it go against the very ethic of this 'site'? The best way is to ignore it.

Inna seitharai orutthal Avar Naana,
Nannayam Seithu vidal.
sometimes, Thirukkural looks far more relevant today!

If DMK and DK is anti-brahmin, it does not mean that one should reciprocate in a manner whereby it adds ghee/oil to fire. Sometimes, one who is sitting 1000s of miles away from Tamilnadu and expressing all sorts of provocative opinions and comments, may lead to more vengence against the community which lives very much amidst them i.e. Tamilnadu, in fact, it is they who actually pay at the hands of these policy makers and not the ones who stay in the greener pastures abroad. So, let us show some courtesy while referring to our baiters and bashers!
Dear Hari,

you have a great sense of humor and a real flair for tamil verse.

I am your fan.Good Wishes.

good work.
all this hi-fi tamil is like over the head transmission for me - all passing over the head...though i did not understand half the stuff here, just putting something here because of the usage of 'anti-brahminism' in this thread. In Street parlance, brahminism means casteism of the suppression kind, or one who will insult and demean an other person for his birth or caste and not allow him opportunities to come up in life (yeah, this is funny with no connection i know). In political terms, ofcourse anti-brahminism is disguised around anti-hindusism.....imho, one step (and a big one this) wud be to communicate to people about the spiritual side of brahminism, or it wud be like a peon who only sees the CEO once a day taking the lift and then cursing him for his 'easy' life and his own 'hard' life...since that is what people tend to 'imagine' since that is what the political masters tell them and they have no clarification from the actual people itself...
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