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Achamanam during Brahma Yagnam !

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I have heard that the achamanam before performing Brahma Yagnam for Pitrus after Madhyanikam daily is different from the normal achamanam. It is highlighted by the following sloka.

This Achamanam is described inthe TaittirIya AraNyaka ( 2nd Prasna, 15th panchati) thus.tri:AchAmEt,dvi:parimrijya,sakrit u0pasprisya,shira: chakshushee nAsikE shrOtrEhridayam Alabhya.

As in the ordinary Achamanam, here too, water is sippedthrice, the lips wiped twice. Then one should touch the head, eyes, twonostrils, two ears and the heart. This constitutes the Shrouta Achamanam. The important difference here is that no mantras are chanted during this achamanam and instead of 12 parts only 8 parts of the body are touched.

I want your learned people to comment on this and also I want to know which fingers are to be touched to in these eight parts in such an achamanam.

Sri Ravi.

Shriman Ravi,

The Srauta Achamanam occurs only during Brahma Yagyam. In other times we do the smArtha Achamanam.

Rightly said, Srauta Achamanam doesn't involve uttering the KesavAdhi NAmAs. It is done with out uttering mantras.

Water is partaken thrice as in smArtha Achamanam.(As you ahve qouted by thee in the VedA mantra:- tri:AchAmEt)
Touch water (ApO upasprisya)
Then touch the head with all the fingers ( as in Damodaraya namaha in smArtha Achamanam)(shira:)
Then touch both the right eye(first ) and left eye with the right ring finger(Chakshushee)
Then touch both the nostrils right(first and left with the right index finger(NAsikE)
Then touch both the ears right(first) and left with the right small finger(sundU veral)
Then touch the chest (hridayam) with the inner right palm(uLLankai)

Also Brahma Yagyam can be performed after sandyavandanam and oupAsanam(Gruhasta)/samitadAnam(brahmachAri) in the morning.
It can also be done after MAdyahnikam.

Also one should sit with right leg on top of the left leg while performing brahmA yagyam.

Shriman.....thank you so much for this confirmation. I guess while touching the various parts of the body we don't chant the keshavadi namas.....that too is silent like achamanam. I think many people will be benefitted with your explaination as i guess lot of people even in Brahma Yagnam perform the smartha achamanam which is incorrect.


Sri Ravi
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