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About temples in india

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  • Do anyone know if there is any navagragam temple in india whereby they are with their wives? For e.g surya bagawan with his wives.
  • Is there any mahalakshmi temple in chennai whereby the diety has six toes ?
  • Is there any kethu bagawan temple in chennai which is very old?
  • Is there any temple for kalki bagawan in india
please let me know where these temples are in india with their address.

If anyone has any interesting temples which you have been and not known to others please let us know.
Lord Surya with Chaya Devi is available in Kachalesswarar Temple in Armenian Street, Chennai-1
Mahalakshmi with Six toes - Sundara Mahalakshmi Temple Arasar Koil, Chengalpattu
Ambal has six toes in her Right Leg. Main Deity - Sri Kamala Varadaraja Perumal.
Kethu Shethram - Sri Neelakandeswarar Temple at Gerukambakkam, Chennai
Rahu Shethram - Thiru Nageswarar Temple, Kunrathur Near Mangadu Chennai

Navagraha Temples in Chennai

Surya Sthalam - Agastheeswarar Koil, Gnayiru Gramam Kolapakkam
Chandra Sthalam - Somanathewarar Temple, Somangalam
Chevvai Sthalam - Vaitheeswaran Koil, Poonamallee
Budhan Sthalam - Sundareswarar Koil Kovur
Guru Sthalam - Thiruvaleeswarar Koil Padi
Sukran Sthalam - Valleeswarar Koil Mangadu
Saneeswara Sthalam - Agastheeswarar Koil Pozhichalur
Rahu Sthalam - Nageswarar Koil Kunrathur
Kethu Sthalam - Neelakanteswarar Koil, Gerugambakkam

My friend argue with me that there are temples in South whereby the Navagraga and their wives are in the same temple. So far I have not heard of one too. That is why I was curious to know if there is any. I would appreciate if you can let me know if there are any old temples with interesting history like I have mentioned earlier. Thanks for your posting and you have cleared my doubt Balasubramanian Sir.
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