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About Shiva Sahasranama Stotra

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Hello Gurus

My greetings to everyone in the group. Recently I have gone through Vedhoktha Shri Shiva sahasranamavali from the swarnapuri publications. Then I started exploring about the original version of Shiva Sahasranama. On my search I found four version which is available in internet.(please Correct me if my understanding is wrong)
1) Shiva Sahasranama (Mahabharata Version, When Dharma asks bheesma about the divya naamas of Lord Shiva parabrahma, he replies, that it will be good hear the divine naamas from the mouth of Lord Krishna. So Lord Krishna recites the divine 1000 Naamas of Lord Shiva)
2) Shiva Sahasranama (Linga Purana Version, This text completely deals with the greatness of shiva)
3) Shiva Sahasranama (Rudrayamala Version, It is said in the rudrayamala by bhairava that these naamas are his secret names and upon reciting these secret namaas one will be blessed and mukthi will be attained.)
4) Vedhoktha Shri Shiva sahasranamavali(Collected namaas from all the four vedas)

There is also a story I read in a book and also from internet that Lord Vishnu chanted 1008 namaas of Shiva and got the Chakrayutha.(that naamas I searched, I am unable to find it). This incident is depicted in the sthala purana of Thirumalpur and also in shiva parathuvam sloka written by haradatta shivacharya.

All the above mentioned versions of shiva sahasranama can be found in this site except "Vedhoktha Shri Shiva sahasranamavali"

I also found that there is a book published by Nag Publishers which has 8 versions of shiva sahasranama. Recently I also found this information in internet "Kamakshi Ramaswamy did her PhD thesis at Madras University on Shiva Sahasranamas. She has analyzed and compared various Sahasranama stotras in detail."

So members can validate the information and throw light on this. Also it will be greatful if members can publish the e-text version of the original Shiva sahasranama in this forum.

Thanks in Advance

In Mahabharatham itself, there are 2 distinct Siva Sahasranamas, both occurring during the discourses by Bhishma. And of course there are many more occurring in various scriptures, some of which are listed above. I have read somewhere about 20 Siva Sahasranamas as well as one Ayuthanama (10,000 names of Siva) occurring in one of the upa-puranas.

I think that the one most commonly recited among them all is the one starting with "Sthirah Sthaanu...."
Shiva Sahasranama Stotra

I agree with you. There are a number of Upanishads. Taitriya Upanishad,
Shvetashvatara Upanishad, Shiva Rahasya Purana, Shiva Chalisa, Shiva
Mahima Stotram, Anandavalli Stotram, etc. Shiva Panchakshara Stotram,
along with Mrityunjaya Stotram, if one chants daily, it gives everyone lot
of blessings and mental peace.

It starts with : "Nagendra Haraya Trilochanaya"

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