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About ragukala pooja and kum kum archana

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Each day one specific time will come as rahu kalam. Sunday: from 4-30 to 6 P.M. Monday from 7-30 to 9 A.M. Tuesday 3to 4-30 PM. Wednesday :12to 1-30 PM. Thursday: 1-30 to 3 P.M. Friday; 10-30 to 12 noon Saturday 9to 10-30 A.M. Instaed of lemon you can use agal vilakku. Doing DURGHA POOJA during this raghu kalam period is beneficial as durga is the athipathy for raghu.

From Turmeric powder kumkum is being prepared. Like all other pooja's instead of flowers for archana you can use this kumkumam for archanan. In vradha pooja vidhanam book durga pooja and asthothra archana are there. you can do it.
hello space shuttle,good morning ,the question you have asked is simple but the result or out come of it is too good .as stated by gopalan ji ,you pls noted these timing ,but you have to wish a woe ,reason (getting good groom, bride ,puthra bagayam etc) and its very special you can under go on tuesdays ,if possible to do in any amman temple in your locality and do it with lemon ,without any dots .it yields good result in short time span also,only true faith is required. good luck.
Respected Sir I came to know that Tuesday is the best day to do Ragu kala pooja since I am working can I do on Sundays? or is there any other day we can do the pooja during Ragu Kaalam?
Thanks for your kind advice Dr.Narayani. I am from Singapore and at times it is difficult to get good lemon and moreover I am working so I do not think I am able to do it on Tuesdays.

Dear Spaceshuttle, on sundays, the raghu kalam time is 4.30PM to 6.00 PM. during this one and half hour, you can do the pooja. It is better to do in a temple. Mainly this pooja is to be done to vishnu durga. IN every temple, on the left outside wall of the sanctum santorum of the main diety, the idol of vishnu durga will be there. This durga idol will have sangu and chakram in her hands. Lemon vilakku will be highly beneficial. you can use agal vilakku also. Kum kum archana can be done through the pandit of the temple. Ask for puja kum kum from the stores. Hope in Singapore, tamil dominated areas are there and you will get these things in those shops.

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