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"Aarzoo"...Aarzoo Na Rahi...

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"Aarzoo"...Aarzoo Na Rahi...

Wafa...wafa na rahi
bewafaai ka zamaana hai

jafa...jafa na rahi
khudgarzi ka zamaana hai

pyaar...pyaar na raha
nafraton ka zamaana hai

dosti...dosti na rahi
dagabaazon ka zamaana hai

ansoo...ansoo na rahe
chaak jigar ka zamaana hai

mehek...mehek na rahi
fiza main zeher ka zamaana hai

waqt...waqt na raha
lamhon ka zamaana hai

hasratein...hasratein na rahi
yaas aur pyaas ka zamaana hai

khwaab...khwaab na rahe
ahsaason ke tijarat ka zamaana hai

sanam...sanam na raha
raah badalne ka zamaana hai

"aarzoo...aarzoo na rahi
jhooti khwahishon ka zamaana hai...
Guruji, aap kidher se hain ? Aapse pehle kabhi guftgu nahin huwi.

Is forum mein hindi/hindustani/urdu janane / samajhne wale kum hain. Jyadatar waqt to bhains ke samne been bajane wali situation hoti hai.

Waise sher mera nahin hai, kisi aur ka likha hai. Hamne to sirf bayan kiya hai !
Aarzoo Aarzoo na Rahi

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