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Aadipooram celibratiopns

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Arulmighu Kailainathan Charitable Trust at Nanmangalam near Chennai has planned to celebrate Aadi Pooram falling on 25 July.

The celebrations will begin with Vinayagar pooja at 5 pm. Thereafter Lalitha Sahasranamam, Pujai, Lalitha Navarathinamala i and parayanam will be from 5.15 pm to 6 pm followed by a spiritual discourse by Seethala Swamigal and divine oration by Thiruvalam Sarva Mangalpeetam Sri Santha Swamigal.
Immediately after deeparathi at 7.05 pm, women will be given vetrilai paakku, manjal, kumkum and sowbagya diraviyam and the pooja will culminate withmagala arathi.

It is said that according to Hindu dharma, it is most auspicious to givethamboolam, manjal kumkuman, charadu etc to women.


Aadi Pooram fest in village near Chennai

Santha Swamigal of Thiruvalam Mutt rendering a spiritual discourse at the Aadi Pooram festival celebrated by Kailainathan Charitable Trust at Nanmangalam near Chennai yesterday
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Arulmighu Kailainathan Charitable Trust in Nanmangalam Village near Koilambakkam in suburban Chennai celebrated Aadi Pooram festival yesterday with scores ofsuhasinis (married women) participating in it.

The function started with a pooja for Lord Vinayagar followed by Lalitha sahasranamam and Lalitha Navarathinamalairecital by women. Santha Swamigal of Thiruvalam Mutt and Seethala Swamigal, both spiritualists, took part on the occasion.
Santha Swamigal, while delivering a discourse during the festival, said, ‘Only last month, Meenakshi Sundareswarar’s wedding took place here and it is proper that valaikaapu takes place today.’

He said that for Lalitha sahasranamam, Aadhi Sankara Bhagavathpada attempted to write bashyam (meaning of the slokas) but he could not as Vishnu Sahasranamamwas repeatedly presented to him instead of Lalitha Sahasranamam.

It was because the sahasranama was directly recited by Ambal to Sri Hayagriva from whom saint Agasthiyar grasped the essence.

Chotanikarai Amman even today remains as an embodiment of womenfolk by experiencing their bodily sufferings.

When Goddess Prithyangara Devi was proffered with dried chilly homam, She absorbed all the hot substance in it without letting Her devotees suffer.

All the women present there were giventhamboolam, bangles, blouse piece,prasadam and other things immediately after the mahadeeparadhana
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