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a swami ,says


Well-known member
i liked hearing from this Swami

"Well I am not a medical person to speak about Corona Virus. But I will say about it from my point of view. You See, Nature has some power to control over you. Through Mathematical laws, Nature controls you. Nature always has an eye on population, whether it is an ant population or this or that population. In the forests whenever there are more number of tigers, there will be less number of deer. Without the deer the tiger population will come down and so some kind of a balance is created. Similarly, there will be twins and after 33 years they will become triplets and again after 33 years they will be quadruplets and so on. That is why this pattern is there.Similarly the male-female ratio is also there. Suppose female population is more and the male population is less, some females will become males. If males become too much, it is the other way; Some males will become females.
I have seen a particular variety of fish. When you put all females fish in a tub, some female fish will become males. Similarly if you put all the male fish in a tub, some male fish will become females. So the balance is maintained. So throughout history you will find that nature comes up with some epidemic, normally once in 200 years, to reduce the population.
And now the population has become too much and it is a load on the planet.And nature is noticing all that. That is how it is designed and has developed itself. So it takes control of the population now. So the Corana Virus or whatever virus is only a preparation, getting ready. Nature also does trial and error and this is one such thing. It will launch something and see how you fight back. And finally it will bring something else and there will be a big battle between Nature and you.
Nature would at least like to reduce you to two-thirds.So this is one of nature's tools. It has got many tools like army, tsunami,etc. And throughout history it has used all these tools. It is not anything new. We had the London plaques through which London was devastated. So such trials are done by nature. And Again Nature is getting ready. What is there? Let us move. The most important is: Be bold. Don't have negative thoughts. Then the virus will also not be so efficient. You know, the virus comes to you if you are so afraid of it. If you are afraid, you trigger it. You must be happy. You must be bold."

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