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A Sustainable Identity for Tamil Brahmins

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum, but I have been on other communities for Tam Brahms before. By and large, the concerns across these different communities online are similar, although they are sourced from variegated samples of the community.

Like all of you, I too am concerned about the future of our community, especially because I believe that there are many agreeable things about the community as a whole and the work done by many of the people from this community.

I have tried to organize the thoughts I have into a set of questions, some dependent on others. I have also raised a counterpoint to my main theme - which is similar to ecological sustainability - cultural sustainability, applied specifically to the case of Tamil Brahmin identity. Please read through and respond. I am affirmative that these questions will breed others in your mind, and in many cases, bring up old questions you ruminated on. Do give vent to your ideas and let me know your answers, solutions and questions. Hopefully, this will be a constructive discussion, like others on this forum.

1. Is there a sustainable identity for Tamil Brahmins?

  • Does this identity need to be steeped in rituals and religion?
  • Does this identity need to be an intelligent combination of practices that ensure a high quality of life for all those who follow it?
  • Does this identity need to create an exclusive class?
  • Will this identity divide an already divided community?
  • What aspects of prevalent Tam brahm culture are favourable to a sustainable cultural identity?
  • What aspects of prevalent Tam brahm culture are not favourable to a sustainable cultural identity
Contrapunctus: Is a sustainable identity relevant in this era of globalization?

2. Does sustainability entail prosperity?

  • How does one define this prosperity - intellectual, monetary or other?
  • How is prosperity generated?
  • Is cultural cynicism a threat to prosperity?
    • If so, what is the solution?
Not open for further replies.

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