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A survey

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For a long time, myself and some of friends were planning to take a survey on a matrimony., and did.

The survey details are given below!

29 year old Boys Iyer as on July 23rd 2011- page No 17 1511
Page No one start with No 681., so 1511 minus 681=750 in this marriage settled is up to page 4 is 861 1511 minus 861 is 680 up to page No 7 No 1011 so persons on list is only 500 in this in between you can remove at least 100 as marriage settled. So the balance is only 400.

In the girls side age 25 896 page no 8., page No 1 starts with 501, page No 2- 596
896 minus 596=300 in this 300 marriage settled is 20., so the balance is 280. In this 280 95 percent asks for Engineering, earns more than 60,000 per month.

Balance 5 percent seeks, Drs., IAS., Top Business Schools etc.,

92 percent girls are Professionals say B.E., B.Tech., etc, 3 percent are Doctors and balance 5 percent is Arts and science grad. One or two is +2 or 10th.

Even this 10 th passed girl seeks B.E.

In boys side 90 percent are B.E., in this 80 percent drawing Rs 60,000 per month., and quotes that girls need not work but should be graduate.
10 percent are working in U.S.

I saw few ads by Vedic scholars who says that their in come Rs50,000 per month, has own house/ flat etc.,

When these girls and boys from abroad seeks their match they should not see Doshas. But few profiles I saw quotes suddha jathagam. But the boy working in U.S. has Chevvai and Naga Dosham! So the girls who wish to live in U.S., should follow the western culture and should not see horoscope at all.

The parents of the girls doesn't want to get a groom for their child.

When a child born in U.S. and get a U.S. Citizenship living in western culture but wish to marry a Brahmin Girl after verifying Horoscope matches.

I wonder how many of them are really faithful to each other!

To be faithful., we have both Male and Female in equal but since the expectations are more for money and property no one wish to come down. They think that they are selecting Husband as a career., or a life partner ., so the deed can break any time on mutual consent!

in last two years I myself witnessed around 20 brahmin girls married non brahmins., in which few boys after marrying the brahmin girl., again married a girl from their own community! The parents of the girls knows this but act as though they don't know anything. They doesn't have courage to approach court as that will spoil the future of the child.

Perasai Peru Nashtam
In my experience A friend of mine and also a Member of This Tamil Brahmins approached me one year back to support a Girl who married a Non Brahmin and residing in Madurai.

The girl went back to her Fathers House in a Quarrel with her husband who is a Non Brahmin.

I told her father to come to Madurai along with her,and I assured them that I will assist them in Police Station.

So Far they never Turned up.I hope the Girl's Future might be Totally Gone.

They lived Together not even a Year.In that 1 Year I directed them ( Couple ) to attend a Well Experienced Lady Doctor for their issues Problem.

In spite of all my efforts the Girl's life become waste.
I am not a resident of Tamil Nadu, I have much broader view of the situation. In USA we will be satisfied if the relationship is happy. We prefer our children to marry and be successful. If we are lucky they do not marry a Muslim.

Food for a vegetarian is important, if the food that is provided respects your convictions i can put up with most other things. Food can make a relation or break a relation for me.
I think that immaturity before taking the plunge of marrying a non-brahmin boy and the incompatibility found after the marriage by the brahmin girls are the culprits for the break-down in these marriages. Days are not far off that the parents wash their hands of these girls totally.
S. Krishnamoorthy
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