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A short film starring Delhi Ganesh on Tamil Bramhin's plight today

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i too saw this movie and felt that if it be treated as a ‘feel good feel bad’ film, it did not quite come up to par.

Here are a few of what I see the director’s slips:

- For starters, in how many households do we find madisar mamies. Especially, this appears to be an mid2upper class home. The mami speaks more of the kollywood brahmin tamil, than the chennai brahmin tamil. The lady was not convincing
- the dil is north indian, and the grandson apparently brought up in the usa. Yet he speaks tamil, albeit with a wee bit of accent, like any other chennai boy. I, for one, am yet to meet a north american brought up tamil brahmin child who speaks tamil so fluently (cannot say the same of bengalis though)
- the son apparently has spent most of his chennai visit time with the in laws. It appears he does not care for the father, even thought he story line presents that he has ‘no time’.. something there does not flow straight (or it went above my head)
- a cheating grandpa umpire? Not a good role model for anyone. It appears that only the grandson caught this, while the rest of the team mates appear to accept this verdict without protest. Unbelievable.
- Replacing a lost indian passport in 2 weeks? Not sure if this can be done within india. Outside of india, with a little influence, it is possible (I had a relative who lost his passport while visiting usa, and got an emergency one within a week)
- The son appeared a wimp and that too only because of poor acting skills. There could have been more subtelety. When will our movie producers learn the power of silence and under statements?

What I liked about the short film
- delhi ganesh.
- The grandson
- Chennai atmosphere & the make do cricket ground
- The dil although very brief appearance
- The paanwallah

Thank you.
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