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A perspective on the good old caste system

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The more I think of the caste system, the more I am convinced of the ingenuity of the system. The classification of people according to their nature and assigning occupations based on it seems perfect to me.

People definitely vary in nature and the gunas mentioned in the vedas seem to be the right basis on which such a classification be done.

Anyway don't you use IQ and aptitude tests for selection to jobs now? The gunas give the basic aptitude of a person and what jobs would naturally be right for his aptitude.

Let me dissect a little more on the aptitude required for the different castes. A kshatriya, vaishya and sudra for their occupation require "physical" or logical intelligence. By this I mean no serious intuition will be required of them and the information on which their mind acts is more or less directly available for them and in the case of kshatriya, physical intelligence peaks. Physical intelligence by nature always contemplates use of either physical or mental force to achieve its objectives. The present world is dominated by physical intelligence led by the USA though the clout of USA seems to be on the wane. But physical intelligence is still alive and kicking.

A brahmin on the other hand uses the higher or spiritual intelligence. The focus on force is totally not there. This is possible because of his ability to perform deep intuition and access deep reality. His mind makes him fit to be advisor, benevolent scientist, professor etc. Thus different gunas or different nature dictating the nature of the jobs is very sensible and the crticism of the system per se is misplaced. We see what is happening to the world when rajas dominated ksatriyas are handed over the jobs of discovering and inventing. There will be more and more of novel types of weapons of destruction.

The only grouse anyone can possibly have on caste system is that it is being decided by birth. But that probably happened because of a want of a reliable predictor of gunas than by heredity.

If we could some up with means that can reliably separate physical intelligence from spiritual intelligence then that could be a perfect way of accomplishing the the objective of the caste system.
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