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A nice painting

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Awesome Painting by Neela Panch! Very realistic! Palanguzhi game!


But, why are they with sleepy eyes?

Can't play a good game zzzzzzzz ing!! :)

Dear Ma'am,
As you know Art, Music & Dance are expression of one's talent.
Smt. Neela Panch is a traditional painter specialises in Mysore style.
Please read the following synopsis to know about her.
"Neela Panch is a painter who paints in the traditional Mysore style of painting. She participated in the sixth visual history workshop of SPARROW which students and teachers and art enthusiasts attended. In the video notes made on this occasion, Neela Panch speaks about why she chose the traditional style of painting, how gods and goddesses and images from mythology form her subject, what challenges it holds for her and how much spiritual satisfaction it gives her. She also demonstrates the painting of a traditional image choosing a non-mythological image in traditional vibrant colours."

Video clip is available in the following link:


Best wishes,
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Dear Brahmanyan Sir,

I could realize that this is Mysore style of painting.

But, I see only sleepy eyes of both the players.

One seems to be sad, added to this.

Of course, it is a nice painting. No doubt about it.

Thanks for sharing the details about Smt. Neela. :)

pallamkuzhi used to be gals's game in our agraharam....i used to play very well in child hood...
This same game is also found in South East Asia and in some parts of Africa including Egypt.
Pallankuzhi is one of the South Asian Mancala games. This game is played in Southern India (at the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala,Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka) also in northern Sri Lanka. It is known with many names depending on the languages and places where is played. It is also said that this is found in Pyramids of Egypt.
In Tamil language it is known as பல்லாங்குழி (Pallāṅkuḻi]), transcribed at least as Pallaam kuzhie, Pallaanguzhi, Pallanguzhi, Pallanguli, Pallankuli. “Pallankuzhi” is also used in Tamil as a generic name for Mancala games mostly played in South India and northern Sri Lanka by Tamil women, also in many African countries.

In the old Tulu language of coastal Karnataka this game is known as Arasaafa (or The King’s game).
In Telugu, the names are Vaamana guntalu or Vanagallapeetha.
In Malayaalam, it is known as Parakkuzhi, which means “to distribute through the holes” (kuzhis).
The Pallanguzhi boards are available in shops around old big Temples. I got the Pallanguzhi Board at Kumbeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam.

Dear RRji,

I feel this painting has captured the mood of the women playing.

They are most probably married..and having some free time but still the far away look in their eyes potray some pre occupation related to their home.

When the mind drifts into thoughts the eye lids droop a little..hence you noted a sleepy look in the painting.
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