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A humble submission

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My dear Friends,
I have been interacting with all of you several times regarding my English translation of stotras written in Sanskrit, Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. In one of my mails, I had expressed concern about the non availability of my translations to those who do not have computer facility. One of my friends, Sri Ravi Hariharan who resides in Hyderabad has taken a decision to print all my translations, group by group. Since the prayer to Ganapathi should come first, he has brought out all my translations of Ganapathi stotrams in a book form. This book is going to be released in Hyderabad on the Saraswathi pooja day. This book is not a priced publication but a book which would be given against a donation of Rs 21/- . My friend aims to hand over all the money collected thus, to the Kerala Iyer Trust, which has been doing yeoman service to the downtrodden and poor Iyers of Kerala who need help. I have a humble request to all of you. Kindly donate and get the book and give it as a gift to our young people, so that they get an idea of the greatness of our religion. Mr Ravi Hariharan Can be contacted at

Ravi Hariharan,
405 / 503, Kamadhenu Towers,
Mothinagar, Hyderabad 500018

Donation can be sent by MO/ DD/ or through bank transfer. Details can be obtained from him through his email [email protected] . Postal charges extra will be sent by registered post.
Phone +91-40-23833066 +919490493297 +91-40-23833427
With best wishes, Ramachander
Dear Sri Ramachander ji,

I fully appreciate your efforts. Donating Rs.21 is not at all a problem. But the efforts required to be taken to send this money will be much more. Why don't you organise to collect the money in important places so that it becomes much simpler. Even if it is going to be little bit costly, no problem. I don't mind paying even Rs.50 or 100. Please organise an easier method for collection money as well distribution of books.

All the best
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