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A great grand show- naveena suyamvaram

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The program was simply superb. The crowd exceeds our expectation. The whole show was an one-man show (SWAMINATHA SHARMA JI), which was totally supported by the Trio (my friend Praveen, Ramani uncle, and Soundarrajan uncle).

My parents went in the morning itself and met everyone there. Actually, I went their evening. Even at that time, the hall had atleast 300 people. I can't even expect that much response. The real credit for this goes actually to Soundarrajan uncle.

The whole crowd was managed by the volunteers team headed by Ramani uncle and the whole show was conducted by Sharma ji. Sharma ji gave excellent explanations and clarifies many common questions. After which, he individually saw every horoscope and provide suggestions accordingly.

My parents were spell-bound on hearing Sharma ji's accuracy and clarity and his vast knowledge in Jyothisha sastra. They had a good time there in the sanskrit college. Even when I rushed them to home, they came with me only half-hearted. That much they bound with the program. They both made me to slept only by midnight 1. They chatted with me that much about this forum and DOwn to earth nature of all our fellow members.

Of all, I met my own dear freind PRAVEEN there, also I met other two important persons whom I missed in the sashti function (Ramani Uncle and Soundarrajan Uncle). I met Sharmaji (Sorry I showed my face to sharma ji for a fraction of second). Because, the hero of the show was that much busy. Anyhow, the meeting with Trio was nice. We chatted for a while.

The whole day, whole show was nice. No words to express my happiness and also to see the response to our TB.com. PRAVEEN CHEERS DA...

I request Praveen to arrange for other meeting soon...

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Dear Moderators,

I kindly request you to delete this thread as I posted now the thing in the thread under Naveena suyamvaram itself. I thought of highlighting the events and discussions under separate head. Since it will be easy for the discussion to continue under the same thread, I request you to delete this. Sorry for the inconvenience caused...

No need to delete.. chimbly closing this as you have already posted a reply to the other thread :)
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