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A genuine request. Need URGENT advice..! Please guide.

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A genuine request. Need URGENT advice..! Please guide.
Namaskar to all,
I am a new member here.I do job and i raised my voice against two corrupt people at my workplace in May month.These two ppl r now troubling me through their dirty politics.they have even projected a wrong picture of mine before everyone including my boss.I am planning to tell the entire true story to my boss(at present she is out of station) before leaving the job.Is it a right decision?What shud i do?I am in great depression regarding my career as im not able to find a new job also at present.Plz guide.
My details are as follows:
PLACE-Gorakhpur(Uttar pardesh-India)

From a sister
Well till u get a better alternative u keep quiet after that slam them. Tell the truth.
Zulm ko chup chap sahna nahi chahiye. jab tak aur accha job nahi mil jata sah lo uske baad unki pol khol do.

Dirty politics is part and parcel of a job and in most of our interactions. The best thing is to learn the survival techniques and cope up with it. Quitting the job is not the solution unless the situation is particularly bad. If your boss is someone who you think is upright then that might help if your project your case properly to her.

The best general advice I can offer is not to raise your voice when the whole system is corrupt. For a conscionable person such as you be careful in the selection of the firm and try not to lose that great blessing at any cost

in the west, there is a term for folks like you 'whistle blowers'. these are much written up in the newspapers when they expose corruption or cover up in high places or critical industries. but after that, there is only woe and sorrow for such folks.

they are shunned by other companies, because of either the notoriety of the previous exposure; or fear that this person will do the same thing in the new job (there is much to hide in any workplace).

i sympathize with your plight. try to do some damage control - lay low, find some loyalists who can vouch for you, quit your job and get references from your new found loyalist friends.

forget about getting revenge or any such thing. you are bound to lose. the system is set against you the individual.

in hindsight, the right way of doing it, is to give anonymous information, once or twice only, covering your tracks, to the local newspaper or magazine. no where should you mention your name. much like 'deep throat' who brought richard nixon down.

i feel for you but take care to preserve yourself.
Thanks to you all for the suggestions.I did get real guidance.It is really sad to see the real system .Why is it so that truth has to loose in the end in today's world?
u c corruption is a sad reality in esp north india. when one does not take bribe he is isolated and harassed and separated frm rest and discriminated upon. But im against giving anonymous info. just work till u get any other alternative then slap them in their face. if u give anonymous info while on the job they(corrupt) would suspect u only. once u get any other job no need to be anonymous be bold. Show them ur sandle ha ha.

No need to get depressed abt it shivani. U be correct on ur part. We can't change the world. Whether we like it or we don't we have to live and used to all kind of ppl without getting affected. We shld take good and dispense with the bad qualities. Don't worry be happy. Jo hota hai achche ke liye hota hai. Just take everythng in ur stride.
well as suggested above if your are changing the job and then if you tell your management that those two are corrupt persons then iam sure management is not going to belive that as you have put up your resigination and 1% of chance are there to belive you by management, so i would suggest to be there on the current job and defent the situation.
U r absolutely right sir.
I did do ths silly mistake twice of e mailing the owner!..and as u said they r all suspecting me.I dont know the opinion of the owner as she is still under treatment n not in touch with us.But they did not gv me increment ths year!
U r right in saying that they wud not beliv me if i tell the truth after leaving.Whnevr il tel,il tel staying in job n after that il resign.
After getting the response and advice of the ppl ,i now feel like a stupid.I feel as if i am not only a newbie here on ths site but a newbie in the big bad world as well.What i fool i was to raise my voice.I v landed up in trouble....n jst see even my stars are not favouring me!Watevr i do,goes against me :(
Dear friend,
Plz get the idea of your co workers. try to get mass voice against corruption. Somemore plans are there. But that requires your gut and uphill task of facing disturbance in ur life. I do not know how much you are capable and how much yur family can support you. Now a days it so happens even our own kith and kin advice us to go alongwith the corrupted system and not to go against the same. Our society has come to such a low level that we clap0 and whistle heroes in the filims waring against corruption and in real life we support the same thingking NAMAKKENNA?
Let me try to tell you a story and explain my POV. Once a girl like you got married and moved to her in-laws place. She was troubled by all in that place (girls will definitely see fact here but men will differ!). She had none to share her misery for she was prevented from mixing with people around.

One of her work is to fetch water from the nearby river for the household requirement. She passes through a mutilated building everyday on her way to the river. Once on a very bad day it occurred to her to just step in to that building that had all walls only and no roof. Hiding behind one of it walls she wept and started narrating her misery to that wall. The entire wall crumbled listening to her pathetic story. But she felt relieved and rushed back to her house.

From then on she entered in to that building on every bad day in her life. The walls that listened to her invariably crumbled exposing her. But she felt relieved on that day. This is the end of this story.

Moral of this story: Never tell your misery in a way the roof will collapse over your head!!

Yes telling your problem should not become more problem to you. it requires smartness and acumen that you can find only by a relaxed thinking. Just like the women of this story, find a roofless arena to tell your boss. Boss crumbling is not your problem. Your problem will be only if the roof crumbles over your head.

This story, I think, is by writer Sujatha.

greetings. If I were you, I would start a diary/log book. I would enter all the assignments I am involved and about all my work. That would most often than not would keep me in the clear. If you are going to 'expose' someone else, you will need to maintain water tight evidences and be able to take care of yourself. In the case even if you have water tight evidences, if you are vulnerable and lack protection, kindly forget it until you find strength and support. Your safety should be paramount over anything else.

brhamin must keep one thing in mind,
1. Our first Identity is brahmin for all others. which demands much cautiousness on our part. if anyone else commits the same act he is not going to be punished but if we do that their is certainly firing squad is waiting for us.
2.I have read much western and eastern philosophy. I will naver advocate anyone for this whisle blower job if he is a jew of india i.e. brahmin. unless we not get eqaual rights there is no need for us to think about what is good and bad. just be honest and promt in individual work. we must be aware about social conditions and undercurrunts aginst us in society. they smile when face to face and abuse in our absense the only inspiring thing for them to do so is our caste identity. let this system and country and nb society burn by their deeds. 5% secondary class citizens of this country i.e. Brahmin have not taken contract of all good of this societ and country. If we choose that way desperation hetred and alieanation are certain for us.
3. be firm, not speak. a thing has been committed and what will happen next is not in hands of those, aginst whom you complained. They are not gods. Just do not committ same mistake, avoide them, if possible start damage control exercise through an interlocuter. be cautious about physical safty.
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