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A chronicle of Sreerangam temple continued

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II. The period immediately following the departure of Raamaanuja: (1137 A.D.- 1425A.D.)

During this period, starting from 1137 A.D., the affairs of the temple were managed by KandaaDai AanDaan, the son of Mudali AanDaan. The vaishNava canon was looked after by ParaaSarabhaTTa, son of Koorattaazhvaan. Also present at the helm were Embaar alias Govinda Jeeyar, a cousin of Raamaanuja and Tirukkurukaippiraan PiLLaan, a nephew of Raamaanuja, who authored the first commentary to the Tiruvaaymozhi of Nammaazhvaar, known as AaRaayirappaDi. This was the period of the MaNipravaaLa commentaries to Tiruvaaymozhi. Nanjeeyar, a disciple of ParaaSarabhaTTar, composed the OnpatinaayirappaDi. He was followed by NampiLLai and PeriyavaachchaanpiLLai who was the author of IrupattinaalaayirappaDi. His disciple was VaDakkuttiruveedippiLLai who wrote the MuppattaaRaayirappaDi, also known as EeDu. His successor was PiLLailokaachaariar who lived up to 1327 A.D. His disciple was TiruvaaymozhippiLLai and he had MaNavaaLamaamunigaL as his disciple. A parallel line of disciples consisted of NaDaadoor AmmaaL, Vaadihamsaambuvaaha, also known as AppuLLaar and Vedaantadesika who lived up to 1374 A.D.

It would be convenient to trace the line of teachers who immediately followed Raamaanuja. This is given below:

_______ | ________
| |
Embaar Tirukkurukaippiraan PiLLaan
(Govinda (Author of Aaraayirappadi)
of Raamaanuja)
| |
ParaaSara BhaTTar KiDaambi Aachchaan
(son of Koorattaalvaan)
| |

Nanjeeyar Engal Aazhvaan
(author of (Vishnuchittar
Onpatinaayirappadi) b.1108A.D.)
| |
NampiLLai NaDaadoor ammaaL
| of Raamaanuja)

Periyavaachchaan Vaadihamsaambuvaaha
piLLai(1227- 1262A.D.) (AppuLLaar
(author of b.1222A.D.)
| |

piLLai (author of EeDu
| |
PiLLailokaachchariar Vedaanta desika
(1205-1327 A.D.) (1269-1374 A.D)
| |
TiruvaaymozhippiLLai Nayanaaraachchaariaar
(1425 A.D.)

KandaaDai AanDaan succeeded Mudali AanDaan and then was succeeded by KandaaDai Tolappar, as senapati durandhara (manager of the temple).He was succeeded by his son, KandaaDai Aayi.
KooranaaraayaNa Jeeyar was a contemporary of Nanjeeyar. He had no connection with the pontificate or with the Senapati durandhara. Through his services and occult powers he became the founder of the SriranganaaraayaNa Jeeyar line at Sreerangam. The popular KooranaaraayaNa Jeeyar installed a minor deity to the north of Punnaagateertham and also Tiruvarangachchelvi as a protecting deity. The float festival was organized by him in a large tank which was dug on the western side of the temple. A yantra was also established by him in the temple to prevent any one from living inside it. He also repaired the shrines of Kamalavalli Naachchiaar, Cerakulavalli Naachchiaar and Saandu Naachchiaar, Gopinaatha in the yagasalai, Sankhanidhi and Padmanidhi and Bhadra and Subhadra outside the gateway in the Raajamahendran enclosure. He installed the images of Varaahanainaar in the tulaapurushamanDapa to the west of the senaivenRaan tirumanDapam in the KulaSekharan enclosure, Vasantagopalan in the procession path of Tirumangai Aazhvaar in the north, LakshminaaraayaNa PerumaL in the PerumaaLdevan manDapa, Saraswathi and Hayagreeva to the east of the northern gateway, Kuzhal Oodina PiLLai and Anaadi Emberumaan in the SundaraPaanDian tulaapurushamanDapam to the east of the AaryabhaTaal gateway, Govindan, Vedavyaasa and Gnaanappiraan on the bank of the Chandrapushkarini, a Naachchiaar for EDutha kai Azhagiyasingar in the east of the northern gateway, Paarthasaarathi in front of Tiruvaazhiaalvaan towards the north of the temple of Raamaanuja and ViTTaleSvara in front of Chakravarthitthirumakan. On account of his various services to the Lord he became so popular that his followers wanted him to take charge of the temple. This caused KandaaDai Aayi to part with some of his rights in his favour.
KooranaaraayaNajeeyar was thenceforth called SriranganaaraayaNajeeyar.
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