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A Beautiful Prayer Sloka on Shiva

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Kara charana kritam vaak kaayajam
Karmajam vaa
Shravana nayanajam vaa
Maanasam vaa aparaadham,
Vihitamavihitam vaa sarvametat kshamasva
Jaya Jaya karunaabdhe
Shree Mahaadeva Shambo!


Kara Charana Kritam = (faults) committed by (my) hands or feet
Vaak = (or by) Speech
Kaayajam Karmajam Vaa = or (through) actions associated with (my) body,
Shravana Nayanajam Vaa = (faults)associated with (my) ears and eyes
Maanaasam Vaa aparaadham = or faults of the mind
Vihitam Avihitam Vaa = (faults born of actions) knowingly or unknowingly
Sarvam Etat Kshamasva = Forgive (me for) all these
Jaya Jaya Karunaabdhe = Victory be unto you, Ocean of sympathy
Shri Mahaadeva Shambo = O Shambu, the Great Lord.

What a meaningful stotra-who else can compose such wonderful poems other than
Adi Sankara!
Nice to have this as one of the Nithya Parayana slokas!

Hello everyone,

I'm Vikrishna..member of Tamil Brahmins.com from today onwards.

What a beautiful prayer on Lord Shiva..

Thank you for the same,

With prayers,
Yes I felt the same way when I saw a reference to this song in the introductory chapter of Raa Ganapathy's "Jaya Jaya Shankara" and I took an instant fascination for this beautifully structured Sloka from Adi Shankara.
What A nice way to start and end the day withis meaningful Sloka.
Thanks for yr response,shri Vikrishna.
Asking for pardon for any errors of omission and commission is the good habit of Great souls.They will be humble however Great and Knowledgeable or powerful they are. So similar kshamaapana slokas are abundant in our prayers and pooja karma vidhis.

Pardon me Sri Venkatesa,

Ajnaanina mayaa doshaan
Asheshaan vihitaan hare
Kshamaswa twam kshamaswa twam
Shesha saila shikhaamane... "
Not open for further replies.

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