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96.5 Percent

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I am hoping this thread will catch the communists eyes. Can we discuss the following questions?

a. What makes a community "backward"?

b. What is the data behind the classification of "weaker sections"?

c. In every decade under Dravidian rule, more and more communities are becoming "backward" and no community seems to have become "forward". Why? Why is "social justice" causing more communities to become backward?

d. How can 96.5% of the population of a state be classified as "backward"? If the vast majority of the MLAs and Government employees, and police and magistrates are "backward", how are the remaining 4.5% oppressing them? What other yet-unknown force is allowing the remaining 4.5% to keep 96.5% of the population, including the afore-mentioned people in power, in such a state of social injustice?

e. The remaining 4.5% of the population must then be the most violent, having the most land, most industries, physically strongest giants to keep the remaining 96.5% of the population (including Karu, Ramadoss, Marans) in such an abject condition of "social injustice". Where can we find these 4.5%?

f. What is the meaning of the term "backward" if for some reason, 100% of the population becomes "backward"?

All my data comes from the NSSO survey of 2004-2005. Maybe by now the "backward" percentage has risen to 98%!

The Rajya Sabha deliberations on Rajya Sabha's website. Unfiltered and raw and highly entertaining. One wonders about the qualifications, or lack thereof, in our "leaders".


Read the original full NSSO report here at the Ministry of Statistics website:


Read a condensed version on RC's web site


And just wonder at the circus that India is becoming. Another few years of this, and banana-republicness will be conferred on India very shortly. Now does the idea of a separate UT look more appealing or not? Maybe Churchill was right, check out the following quote in 1945 upon granting independence to India:

“Power will go into the hands of rascals, rogues and freebooters. Not a bottle of water or a loaf of bread will escape taxation. Only the polluted air will be free and the blood of these hungry millions will be on the head of Attlee. These are men of straw of whom no trace will be found after a few years. They will fight among themselves and India will be lost in political squabbles.”
Need a discussion

I am hoping this thread will catch the communists eyes. Can we discuss the following questions?

c. In every decade under Dravidian rule, more and more communities are becoming "backward" and no community seems to have become "forward". Why? Why is "social justice" causing more communities to become backward?

Nice start point for a good discussion. Along with this i also want to discuss on the tamil equivalent of "backward" which is "Pirpaduthappatta" which actually should translate as "people pushed into backwardness".....well, let's for a moment agree that we brahmin evils pushed these guys into backwardness....Atleast in the last 2 decades when there was "Dravidian rule" WHO continued to push these guys into backwardness ? eh ????
is it for TN?

I guess more ppl are considered FC in TN than mentioned here. I guess its 15% . Moreover i guess figures are wrongly given here . 96.5 +4.5 =101%!!!
But the point is well taken. Here is a leadership who cannot create things but can divide the existing one and split the society. I guess thr are too many gud ways to spread education.But they simply dont do so.Just target the ppl who studied well wen they enter for college...I really want to know if those ppl putting jalras to veeramani group are really implementing or following their view of social justice in their life. Take JJ or MK...Even a single day they havn't made a Dalit CM. Take Kamal .....How many films he had a Dalit heroines.....I dont know even sun tv is employing many dalits....Becaz in reality u cannot do that....U wil lose ur own money.....If it comes to public money they can get seats for them,their relatives,their party workers,community they exploit ......Its 100% selfishness nothing else.
Numbers from the 61st 2005 NSSO survey

The story behind the 96.5 figure is this. The following data taken from the NSSO 61st survey (Ministry of Statistics, Central Government data) shows that OBCs+SC/ST together account for 95.7%, and FCs only 4.3 percent.


One should also note, that for some FCs in the above 4.3%, it is possible to get an OBC certificate by claiming to be a member of a subcaste covered in the OBC group. If we assume Brahmans are 3%, as is widely suspected, and that half of the remaining 1.3% can use the subcaste loophole, we end up with almost 96.5% of the state being classified as "backward".

In the early 1990's, the FC percentage was assumed to be 12.95% based on data TN used for admissions. However, Chettiars (Chidambaram's caste), recently got themselves added to the OBC group. Other castes also may have wormed their way into the OBC group. Brahmans are the only group in which no subcaste is eligible to be a member of the OBC category. There is a race to become backward, and it seems to have stopped now, because there is no way Brahmans will be allowed to claim backward status. How can they, when the entire TN govt policy is targeted at them?

What would be interesting is to break up this big OBC group into individual castes and subcastes, and then look at the educational and employment records. I bet it will turn out that the erstwhile FCs in the 1950's (Chettiars, Mudaliars, Naidus, Gounders etc) now corner the majority of the OBC quota.

Of course, the quota champions will say OBCs are moving up in achievement level compared to the FCs, based on admission records, and that reservations are a great success! It is like a magician's trick, but sadly the illiterate population still falls for this every election. They are the ones who vote, and don't try to think why they are still poor. As long as they get a free TV, 2Rs/kg rice, and a couple of dhotis/sarees, they are happy to vote for registered criminals, thugs and incompetent cinema-stars turned politicians.
I should add that the above data is only for TN. The picture is quite different in other states, where such a strong anti-Brahman hatred does not exist.
Mayawati in UP

In the heart of "social justice" land, till date there has been no Dalit CM, even though they form 22% of the population. The "social justice" proponents who love to call "Aryan" inhabited states like UP as backward, seem to have forgotten that Mayawati was elected twice as Chief Minister in that state. In the heart of "social justice" land, you will find the two-tumbler system for Dalits at tea shops, most owned by people belonging to the "social justice" groups.
Dear mrifan:
I am in Chennai these days. I was talking to some young lady who told me that they belong to BC caste (she didn't tell me the exact name of her caste and I didn't ask); then her father went to some office and changed their caste from BC to MBC. When I mentioned that the Brahmins, too, should go and change their caste to BC, she said "YOU BRAHMINS, WILL NEVER CHANGE TO BC!!" (I think her tone of voice indicated that we will think of it as a bad thing).
I never got to ask her to explain that. I am posting this to show the mindset of people.
Way forward

I think Tambrams should actually be proud that just 4% of the population which is peaceful and non-violent can evoke such fear and resentment in the other 96% that they fret and go to all this trouble to get special amendments made to the constitution. Think of the sleepless nights and mental agony of the Dravida politicians as they try to find ways and means to somehow suppress Tambrams. They brought reservation in education, Tambrams went to private colleges in other states, brought reservation in govt employment, Tambrams went to the private sector, tried to make them poor, many Tambrams went abroad and prospered, tried to keep on increasing reservations everywhere, now the SC steps in.

It is like a rubber ball, if you squeeze it between two fingers, another part pops out. Dang Tambrams, they always keep popping up where you least expect them. I think one reason Karu looks so old is the mental anguish of trying to devise more and more ways to break Tambrams :-) Sometimes I honestly do pity him, a whole life spent in the above fruitless venture and unhealthy obsession, what a life :-(

Anyway, onto bigger and better things. Looks like the rewriting of the constitution may be encountering some stiff resistance. North Indians do not even believe in bending and they are not going to just let the Dravida politicians take over. Hooray!
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