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60,000 ascetics going with Sun? Ozone layer? Plot for Gulliver's Travels?

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Very interesting details about smart,short,thumb sized 60000 ascetics known as Valakhilyas going in front of the sun to protect us from ultra violet rays, solar flares and magnetic storms from the sun.
Jonathan Swift has got the idea of Lilliputians from our Rig Veda,Ramayana and Mahabharata.
Read more about it in Tamil in My blog section.Sangam and Post Sangam literature give more details about these wonderful saints. What do you think about them?
Dear Ms Visalakshi Ramani
I read your comment in my blog under the Tamil article.

Why do they hang upside down? You asked.
It shows that they do severe penance. In Hinduism we always say that Bhageeratha stood on one leg for 60,000 years. In the olden days they did not take the meaning literally. 60,000 years mean -a long time.On one leg mean- with focused attention. Here upside down also mean- so much focused to one job.

Ozone layer is just around the earth: You said.
You are right. It is no where near the sun.Any science student can tell us that.
Vedic Rishis say that they like to speak in mysterious ,metaphorical,symbolic and enigmatic language. This is in the fourth Mandala of Rig Veda. Tamils also called the Vedas Marai= meaning SECRET. So when they say that they go in front of the sun we may take it in the way I took it. They extract the heat and protect us from too much heat. In short, I took the description as symbolic.
Whatever the case may be Valakhilyas are very interesting to study.
While hanging upside down, part of our attention will be in NOT falling off!

So the total concentration will not be on the penance! Part of it will be diverted.

Do You mean the 60,000 rishis will act as a sunscreen protecting the world from the intense radiation of the sun?

I will study more about this race of rishis and get back to you Sir!
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