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2 interesting books

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2 interesting books launched recently

1. songs of blood and sword by fatima bhutto, niece of benazir. i have read the initial pages and my guess is that it will effectively nail the bluff of democracy in pakistan.

2. this must interest the likes of prof nara. 'the good man jesus and the scoundrel christ'. by philip pullman

Philip Pullman: The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ | Books | The Guardian

Book of the week: The Good Man Jesus...- Hindustan Times

the book we are given to understand exposes the church and disputes the claims of jesus as son of god. this is set as a novella but hopefully not completely a work of fiction.

i hope the proselytizers stay away from this book and do not prevent it's selling in india.

anyways for the moment, i am hooked on to fatima ;)
... 2. this must interest the likes of prof nara. 'the good man jesus and the scoundrel christ'. by philip pullman

hari, I read the two links with great interest, but I probably did not get all the nuances as I am not that familiar with Christian idioms. I would probably enjoy something blasphemous about Krishna, something more interesting than Hon. Balakrishnan's innocuous reference to an already married Radha making out with Krishna.

Still, the dichotomy between Jesus the man and Christ the savior is an interesting one. Immaculate conception and resurrection, it seems, are common themes of competing religions of that time. Even if Christianity of Jesus did not win out, we would still have a Christianity of somebody else with a similar theme.

What I found interesting from the excerpt was, the all powerful makes a brother spy on brother, like CIA I suppose. Is CIA god? Or, perhaps god works for CIA?

I am sure you did not need fatima to tell you the obvious, with the Americans constantly meddling, they did not have a chance. Even if there was some, Zia made sure none was left.

Thanks for the links, cheers!
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