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10 million Indians wish to migrate to US: Gallup poll

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The Times of India - Indian Newspapers in English Language from six editions.

WASHINGTON: Around 13 percent of the world's adults -- or over 640 million people -- would like to emigrate with roughly 150 million, including ten million Indians wishing to settle in America.

So suggests a new Gallup survey giving the US an undisputed title as the globe's most desired destination for would-be migrants since Gallup began tracking patterns in 2007.

I thought USA has lost its allure after the recession. It definitely is not the same after 9/11 terrorist attack and 2008 recession.
I know visiting or living or working in U.S in many Indians' dream. But, given the recession, stricter laws on tax (all income) and immigration, one should think twice before one wants to stay away for long. If foreign countries become the native home for the next generations, then it would get tougher for the parents to switch back to India. My advice would be visit for a short while (to have an experience) and be back in India, the best place for happiness - a free country, liberal nation, feel at home, never alone with crowded streets, family, wonderful past-time at the temples with devotees and discourses and the mosquitoes, bribery and the purdas shouldn't bother much.
Another interesting statistic is that majority of the Indians migrating are from Andhra followed by Gujarat..Have not been able to corroborate this..Understand there is a major carze to send atleast 1 member of the family to US in Andhra..

I think with very tight financial condition in US resulting in job losses have caused economic hardships to Indians and many are returning...Also opportunities in India are also attracting lots of skilled workers...US is no more the cynosure of the world
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