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10 Foods You Should Never Eat Raw

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10 Foods That You Should Never Eat Raw!

Neha Vashishth | Aug 10, 2016, 20:20PM IST

Here goes the complete list...Please do not eat them raw

1. Tomato (has Glycoalkanoids)
2. Almonds (has cyanide)
3. Sprouts (has salmonella bacteria)
4. Cashewnut (has urushiol toxins)
5. Mushroom (has carcinogenic copounds)
6. Kidney beans (Rajma has lactine)
7. Green vegetables (has oxalic acid)
8. Raw milk
9. Raw eggs
10. Meat

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Tomato is an integral part of "salad" items. Sprouts and other green vegetables are advised by doctors & dietitians to eat daily for good health. Raw Almond in used in almost every sweet items. If these items are to be avoided to eat as raw then what are the other alternatives, specially for vegetarians.

Any authentic Research or Lab reports/findings published, banning the above 10 items. If so please provide referenes, to support your above thread/posting.
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