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10 days Pollution

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I am staying in Middle East and always observe our rituals and for the navaratri in our home conduct Bomma Golu. Unfortunately yesterday received call from India that one of our distant relatives is passed away on tuesday. We had invited our friends for golu and continued the programme . I didn't inform to my wife. Today also we are visiting other friends houses. although it's our distant relative we have 10 days of pollution to be observed. I don't see any logical reason to observe this, but still scared. Please advise any Parihaara karmam to do after the festival.


Recently my sister's family consulted Sri Seshadrinatha sastrigal, ex Principal of Madras Sanskrit College and a scholar in our Shastras. My sister family is a very big family having lot of `thayathis' both directly known and also unknown. They were observing `theetu' for unknown people which they wanted to discontinue. Sir Seshadrinatha Sastrigal has told them to observe only for known `thayathis' and don't bother about unknown people.

I am not an expert in our shastras and practices. However I read about an incident involving Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi (BRM). BRM never took sanyas from anybody. When his mother joined him at Tiruvannamalai, he stayed with her. She died and after the last rites were performed. BRM said there is no `theetu' immediately after her last rites.

It is up to you to decide.
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Since you are living in a place, that is entirly different from us, it is not necessary.
My right hand is inactive, otherwise I would have given a long reply on this.
I fully endorse the views of Mr R.Venkataramani.
In this context I wish to bring to the notice of all that in Sri Sankara TV there is a program called Dharma Sastram in which Sri Seshadrinatha Sastrigal clarifies many such doubts with clarity and authority.It is telecast sometime in the late afternoon I think.
THanks a lot

Thanks a lot for replying on this venkataramani sir, ramachandran sir and sabesan narayanaswami sir. It's a great 'aarudal' and I feel like some one is there to support in this confused state. I am continuing the navaratri celeb without informing my family. Only thing I discontinued was the daily chant of lalita sahasranamam which I do all these 9 days.

I will do some kind of prayaschitham later for this. This is a known taayaadi but as I am away from home I feel meaningless to observe the theetu. The Ramana mahrishi story was indeed a morale boost.

thanks again and regards to all of you.
some learned pundits should answer this referring to Hindu Dharma Sastrams.Looking this from humane way I would have confided the news to my wife, jointly done the needful for the departed soul and then other celabrations as permiited. Because the birth and death are caused by natural laws and I wioud have respected the natural laws first and then on to all others which falls within out limited knolwdge.
Sorry If I don't tally with you or with any body.
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