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04 Reasons of being Proud to be a BRAHMIN

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four reasons t be brahmin

I amproud tobe a brahmin for the folowing resons

1. Breahmins ae a a class who beleive in kindness to all

2. It is a clas of people who always reain aloof from aterialis tic world

3. They are sathvigara ( peace lovrs)

4. They dis like kilings of any living things hence always vegetarians

For the sakeof information i would liketo say tht though may say Dr Ambedkar was the founding father of Indian constitution, people safely forget the name of alladi krishnaswam iyer who contributed more to the formation of constiution.

Even Dr Ambedkar, was broght up by a brhmin. Hence in reverrence aDr, Ambedkar kept his name as his family name.

The perosn who nourished Dr.Ambedkar was one shri Ambardikar, a maharashtrial nbrahim.

4 reasons to feel proud of being a brahmin

1. Intellectual prowess viz. logical thinking, analytical mind, problem
solving ability and extra-ordinary memory power

2. 'Satvik' nature characterised by piety, non-violence & vegetarianism
and peaceful co-existence

3. Willingness to relocate and remarkable skills in adapting to any place,
culture and circumstances

4. Getting satisfied with what one has and non-greedy nature

Having said this, I must say this also.

I want brahmins to change themselves in the following matters.

1. They shall learn to function as a team successfully.

2. If they see an equal or better person, shall not develop envy and
inward hatred (even if they do no harm to such person).

3. They shall not hesitate to reveal their identity of being a brahmin and
at the same time, must love others in the society, without any inhibitions.

4. Be truthful, honest, straightforward, transparent and fair in all
respects, come what may.
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Your suggestions are excellent. But we are NELLIKKAI MOOTTAI. we don't trust each other, help each other. In my life I have not found a single brahmin who is ready to help the other Brahmin, since he is a Brahmin. Others have this caste feeling and wherever they go, they say, "Ivan namma Aaludaa, Namma Saadijanam", We dont have that feeling. If we start helping ourselves, before helping the other Saadijanam, Brahmins wont face such an insult - Remaining without a Mustache is itself is a cause for ridicule among Brahmins, nowadays!!!!!!!!!! What to talk about a tuft?
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