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‘Demonetisation changed my life’: Take a look at this viral letter to Narendra Modi b

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There seems to be lot of positive things happening and people are really supportive..

‘Demonetisation changed my life’: Take a look at this viral letter to Narendra Modi by a Kashmiri Muslim

The policy of demonetisation has given the loving, peaceful people of Kashmir their lives back.

Kashmir, November 22: People across the country are feeling the brunt of demonetisation. After the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 banknotes were banned, banks and Automated teller Machines (ATMs) in all parts of India are seeing serpentine queues. However, while people struggle it out in hopes of a corruption-free tomorrow and opposition parties are leaving no stone unturned in bashing the government, some people seem to have gotten their lives back because the government initiated demonetisation.

We are, of course, talking about the people living in Kashmir. This year has been particularly tough for those residing in the valley. The death of Burhan Wani and the ensuing months-long protest disrupted all shreds of normal life in Kashmir. Unexpectedly, however, the policy of demonetisation has given these loving, peaceful people their lives back. Nothing expresses this fact more clearly than Kashmiri resident Afzal Rehman’s letter to the Prime Minister . Rehman had lost everything after separatists kept fuelling protests in Kashmir. Which is why, in order to express his gratitude towards Narendra Modi and the government for the policy of demonetisation, he wrote the following letter that has gone massively viral. The letter was initially published in theindianvoice.com, take a look:

Dear PM Narendra Modi

The life of a Kashmiri is unimaginable for the rest part of India. How a Normal Kashmiri, who works hard everyday to feed his family, lives his life amidst the constant tussle between separatists and Security forces, though it is really a sorry state but we have to live with it.

There wasn’t any stone pelting on streets, though the forces were there but pelters were not. With in one or two days traffic started moving in the valley. We opened our shops, there were people in the market. We could certainly see some happy faces.

At other part of India, they must be feeling pain standing in lines, but we Kashmiris are enjoying standing in the bank queues, and socialize.

We were worried about my daughter’s exam, but now she went there to take her board exams. And it was not my daughter who took the exam. There were so many other happy faces came to take the exams. It was the highest attendance of students in examination hall this year- almost 95%.

With all this positive happened- We all sat together and started talking about what went well? We came to the conclusion that -These separatists have had only 500/1000 rupee notes which no one is taking now.

I don’t know what rest of India thinks but we in the valley are very happy with the decision.

Afzal Rahman.

Source: http://www.india.com/news/india/dem...o-narendra-modi-by-a-kashmiri-muslim-1658344/
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