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ஸ்மார்த்த ஸம்ரக்ஷணம்


Active member
சுதந்திரத்துக்கப்பறம், தமிழ் ஸ்மார்த்தா, ஹிந்து தர்மத்த ‌க்ஷீணிக்க ம்லேச்சர்கள் அரம்பிச்ச பிராமண த்வேஷத்தால தன்னுடைய, ப்ராமண பாஷை, நியம அநுஷ்டானங்கள- 7 வயசுல உபநயனம், த்ரிகால ஸந்த்யாவந்தனம், பார்வணம் இத்யாதி விவாஹம், அபர கார்யம் தவிற மத்த எல்லாத்தையும் கோறச்சிண்டு மத்தவா மாதிரி இருக்க ப்ரயத்நப்பட்டாலும், இந்த ப்ராமண த்வேஷம் கொறயலே. வேற ஜாதிக்காராளும் நமக்கு அநுகூல்யமா இல்ல. அதனால ஸ்மார்தா எல்லாரும் ஒரு சங்கம் வச்சு, நம்முடைய குலாசாரப்படி ஜன்ம ப்ரப்ருதி மோக்ஷபர்யந்தம் நடத்த வேண்டிய சடங்குகளுக்கு துணயா இருக்கணும்.


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Time for TN brahmins to close ranks and counter attack the Churchies who are the originators of anti-brahminism on par with their earlier anti-judaism, before they engineer another Holocast, now against Brahmins or an ethnic cleansing as committed agains natives of The Americas.


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Post-sixties Smartha Laukikas have been brought up as agnostic hindus. Śankara Maṭam has exercised no influence on them. It is now upto the samartha elders to come together and with the blessings of Acharya, create a suitable system of religious instruction. It is certain that, almost all Smarthas would welcome a course of religious instruction for their wards and send them to learn if there such an opportunity. Would the matham help Smartha Elders to start this?


Active member
a golden opportunity for our youth.

I am quite new to this forum. I came to know about this forum thru an email addressed to me on the
religious subject of athi vardar in kancheepuram. Infct this is the channel which gave me the first hand
information on aithi vardar and I am grateful to the people of this portal. I would appreciate if this
portal also gives the history behind athi vardar as many of us dont know the origin of athi vardar
and the idol which was created out of fig tree as per information given to me by a deovitee who had been
to kancheepuram for the darshan of this God. Kudos to all those associated with Tamil Bahmin porta; and I
wish them goodluck in the days ahead. This is srinivasan from Nashik (Member consumer education and
research centre and free lance citizen journalist and member PM Modis good governance portal).

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