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பொன்னியின் செல்வன்

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awesome book. read it in my teens. again 30 years later, in toronto. thanks to our tamil srilankan cousins and their huge numbers, we have all the classic tamil novels in our public library system.

monumental work: 'kalki' is one of the greatest ever. characters like vandiyathevan, kundavai, aazhvarkadiyan nambi etc are immortals. the scene where vandiyathevan is introduced, in the early part of the story, his meeting azhvarkadiyan nambi, will always remain fresh in memory: "ariyum sivanum onnu, ariyathavar vayile mannu....!" - rj.
One of the Best stories ever told in Tamil by a brilliant Tamil writer,sri.Kalki.In my 70 years I might have read the Novel 6 or 7 times.When we were in Delhi (some 20 years back) all the members of my family used to combinedly read the entire Novel in portions,after the supper..Fortunately my children have purchased the entire set and keep them in their library.Vandiathevan,Kunthavai Piraatti,Arulmozhi Varman,Nandhini,Aalwarkadian Nambi,Chembian Maa Devi,(later)Uttama Chozhlan and his singing of "Ponnaar Meniane"---even the spies Soman Saambhavan,Idumbankaari--all the characters are immortal.
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